Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pretty and Glittery Nails

Yesterday I went to Sally Beauty Supply just for conditioner but I can't ever leave without nail am a sucker.I got these two sally girl colors for 99 cents.I love them.First I put my clear coat on.I am almost out of this stuff.The first blue went on very light and clear so I did two coats.After that was dry I put on the darker very glittery blue.The glitter in this polish will be fun to remove when I go to re do my followed it with a final coat of clear.
Before my nail make over.I had my nails nice, and long ,and very pointy.Didn't last long this way.I kept bumping the tips of my nails and it would chip the points off.
Split thumb nail.I hate when they split so far down you can't clip them even.
Two nails down.All the nails on my right hand have become little
And after.trimmed and reshaped.My right hands new look till they grow back
Tada.Lovely glittery beauties.


  1. You have such beautiful nails! I adore blue nail polish. x

  2. Thank you.I am really loving these two colors.

  3. I love your long nails, i hate when my long nails split too.
    Love that blue, i dont think i have any light blue polish.
    Great price on the nail polishes.
    You should teach us how to get thst perfect 40's nails.