Friday, December 30, 2011

Antique Day From Hell

Hi everyone.Hope everyone had a nice friday and is ready for New Years.I know I am ready for the New Year and hope it is alot better than this year.Especially financially and for me and my husband to get our shit together and live together permanently in the same house and country.He has been here since the end of October and goes back to England Jan 12th.Trying not to think about us being seperated again.        Anyway the main post is my some what un lucky antique shopping day.I got payed today from all that hard work from my second job and had been planning on getting my cowgirl boots I found the other day and planned going today to get them.But when I woke up I looked at my vanity *rose* and thought nope going to go see if her sister the dresser that went with her was still at the shop.So when hubby was finally ready we headed out.We got to the shop and I was super excited they were open.I emediatley rushed to find the ice bucket that matches my glass set and didn't see it so thought I will look after I see if the dresser is still up stairs.I turned around and saw Roses sister being wheeled out the door into this couples van.All I saw was the beautiful detail like rose has going out the door.I said to my husband "she's going out the door".Shes's going out the door."My heart sunk so bad that I was to late.I immediatly started to cry.It was embarrassing to say..I know it's silly but I have been after this set for months but couldn't afford both at the same time so I had to keep checking on it.I had to move into another section of the store so no one could see me upset and crying.                                                           I don't think I would have been upset like that if I had gone upstairs and it was already gone.But I had just got there with the money and to see it leave right in front of me is a whole different thing.I know this happens with antiquing but it sucked.I felt like when that nasty Ebay thief steals your item in the last second of bidding.I didn't even want to be there anymore.The couple that bought her looked like they weren't even collectors.They looked like people who needed a dresser for a spare room and I hope they realise they have a 1920's beauty and it better not land in some childs room where they climb all over it and destroy it.                                                                                                  So once I got myself together I looked for the ice bucket and apparently someone nabbed it.Then my little cup set someone bought the damn cremer to it so I said F**ck that.don't want that told my husband lets go upstairs.I saw a cabinet in the place where the dresser was and felt sick.Yes i'm still                                                                                                                                                    Anyway there was a 1950's tin canister set that were apples that I had wanted so at least it wasn't a total loss but I just couldn't numb the heartbreak of losing that guess I just have to let it go that this happened and I am sure I will find a dresser to match rose the lovely vanity.I am very greatful that I was able to get her when I did.Would have been great to have her and her sister.So to make this post a little happier This is what  got from there today.
My Apple canisters.So cute.$40.00Inside the big up of the big apple.I think this will be the cookie
I got this vase for $16.00 normally when I find these they are 70 and felt lucky.
Her hair is so cute.Thats not a chip on her head.It's a peice of to clean her up.

Hubby and I spent the day out by ourselves for his belated birthday.We did alot of shopping.Well I will post my mall shopping spree tomorrow.But late in the day I went to my other favorite antique store just for this 1950's platter I have had my eyes on for weeks,When I first got there I couldn't find it and was like " Oh no not again."But I finally found it."phew".So here it is.
The stars are painted a gold sparkly paint but most of it has worn off but thats ok.And it even has crystals in the stars you can see them slightly.

Happy New years everyone and hope everyone has a lovely one and here's to a new year of Antiquing fun.
Love Yoli


  1. Happy New Year!!
    Sorry to hear about the dresser. (I know how it feels I had to leave Hazels matching wardrobe behind. *Sad Face*

    - Those apple cannisters are sooooo cute I love them!
    - Great price on the vase (She reminds me of Tinkerbell.)
    - The platter is simply delightful!!
    Great purchases Yoli!!

  2. Oh poor rose have you posted a pic? I shall go and see what she looks like.I am so sorry you didnt get Hindsight you could have talked to nnew owners and said if you decide to sell give me 1st dibs.
    Love the lady vase so very cute.
    Heres to a great 2012 where you will find Rose a new matching sister xx

  3. oh no! I am so sorry to hear that about the dresser but I am still glad you have the vanity. You will find another dresser to match soon. I love that platter though and the canisters are so cute. The big apple... you are funny.

  4. Oh No, i'd have been gutted about the dresser too - what a nightmare. Im sure you will find a replacement to match soon - things sometimes work out funny like that. Your finds are all so cute! Wishing you a very happy new year, Scarlett xx
    P.s thank you for the lovely comment on my last blog post - you are fabulous x

  5. Thanks ladies.I have been cleaning my room today.Getting ready to give Rose a nice polishing.I will post pics..Happy New years.xx

  6. Thats too bad, you will find a better dresser one day.
    love the apple canisters are they really big.
    that lady vase is so cute, I love head vases.
    I adore the 1950's glittery platter...good for displaying jewelry.