Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Caos

Hi everyone.Sorry I haven't posted in ages.I have been working both jobs without a day off and then trying to find time to finish my shopping.I am ready for christmas to be over all ready.Sick of all the grumpy shoppers.I have been so busy working and  haven't gone antiquing or any done any vanity things.So once christmas is done I will be back to posting more.I did manage to color my hair tonight.So hopefully tomorrow I will do a post on it.I also plan on a giveaway after the holidays and will keep everyone posted that.I haven't even had time to do my poor nails.Thanks everyone who keeps stopping by ,and welcome to all my new followers.I promise my blog will be more fun soon.So have you all finished shopping for Christmas?And what have you asked Santa for  for Christmas?


  1. I know I been too busy with studying for the exam and now making tamales.
    dont worry about it were still here waiting for your posts.
    luv ya

  2. I am so just realised I need more wrapping try to hit the dollar tree before work tomorrow or just wrap in I am craving tamales since your

  3. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas Yoli!
    =D Lookin foreward to your future posts!