Friday, December 9, 2011

It's Frock Friday

Hello everyone.Hope everyone is having a nice Frock Friday.I am excited cuz I finally had the day off and was able to doll up.I am about to bake cookies.and bought loads of mixes cuz they were on special.So here are todays photos for my happy Friday.
Think tonight Pumpkin Spice is the new spice
My skirt from a vintage clothing store.It fits fine in the waist but is ginormous.Making my already stick legs look like stick girl.All my skirts do this.Tiny waists make with wide ass hips.I don't have any hips.:(
On the front porch.Jetta wanted to come outside.
Jetta was trying to make a run for
Look Ma no stockings but sexy shoes by Hot Tomato
All my cookies.I guess I better get baking.Happy Friday.xx


  1. I wish they did pumpkin spice cookie mix in the UK! Looks delicious! Happy baking :)

  2. Mmmm come and bake some cookies wearing those fuck me shoes,lol
    love your sweet skirt, you show off them sexy legs.

  3. Yum - cookies and sexy shoes! Sarah xxx

  4. You look so pretty and I love those sexy peep toe shoes! I hope Jetta got a biscuit. x

  5. I've been baking too not sucessfully though! Those peep toes are so cute, the whole outfit is sweet as pie or in your case cookies!

  6. I absolutely looove your tattoos !!! O_O

  7. Those ARE some sexy shoes! And Jetta is so cute :)

  8. Great blog! I love your outfit, and your tattoos. I haven't baked anything in over a year, but this Christmas I will, LOL!
    (I am a new follower, btw.)

    Bye, Miss Dee