Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Hi everyone.Hope you had a lovely Christmas.I did with lots of food.I got a cook book and a leopardprint bag.I forgot to take pics.Lol.I did take pics of all the junk I have fed myself.And decided a few weeks ago after today I am going back to being a vegetarian.I truely feel un healthy and meat is just grossing me out .I was vegetarian for a about 10 years and have been eating meat only 3 and I hope it's not going to be hard.I don't think it will since I know what I am doing.I went back to meat for health reasons sounds silly but no loger have the health problem.So with the New Year approaching I can start healthy and stay that way.Though hubby won't give it up I will just cook seperate meals.Did it before.Anyway back to Christmas.Here are some pics from Christmas at my house in the dirty south.
Christmas Eve hubby made corned beef pie for dinner.When I got home from work it was fresh from the oven.It was very good.My mom is very happy I married a man who likes to cook.I am
After relaxing from work and before I wrapped presents,I did some baking.I made this butter pecan cake with creme cheese frosting.I sprinkled green sugar on top and chopped pecans.It was very nice.
I truely suck at baking cookies.I always leave them to long and they either burn black or look like I was making peanut brittle I would be I called these chocolate chip cookies cookie brittle.They are still tasty.
I kept my cookie tin after eating all those cadbury biscuits.It is perfect for my cookie
For christmas dinner we had honey spiral ham.The thing is huge.Hubby will be eating ham sandwiches
Also had a roast beef.This thing fell apart just touching it.
Hubby made cheesey mashed potatoes.I made green bean caserole.
I also made cornbread stuffing.
My plate of yummy and last of my meat eating days.I didn't eat ham.Pork is discusting.I can't even stand the smell of bacon.
My christmas outfit.Look at my stuffed have my red shoes.
Candy cane kisses for everyone.xxxx
I don't know where my mistletoe was so hubby and I kissed over candy canes.
Poor Jetta.She wasn't happy dressed as an I put on my antlers so we both looked silly.Hope everyone had a merry christmas.What did you do?


  1. Happy holidays,gorgeous!!!
    I can't believe hot HAWT you look after all that fabulous looking food!Yowza!!

  2. You look so darn pretty in your outfit!
    The food looks rather delicious too.
    Happy to hear you had a good Christmas.

  3. Happy Holidays, my beautiful friend! x