Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh Christams Tree

I put my tree up on Monday but didn't decorate till just'm not really feeling the christmas mood.It seems to early and it's to warm in the south.I feel like I should be dying eggs cuz it's like spring time outside.Anyway here is my tree naked with
My tree already has lights.I love it.It comes in three sections and you just hook them up and plug the thing in.The only work is fluffing the branches and decorating it.

All decked out in the front room.
A close up of the decorations.
Betty Boop thinks she is the best looking.
Sorry Betty but Elvis wins best looking at all times.Another Elvis ornament.It plays thats alright mama.I want an Elvis tree one day.Poor Elvis posing with my split nail.Still have the red and gold on by china glaze.Stuff lasts forever
My son Max made an ornament out of his coke bottle.They have these every year so  always buy them.
One of my 50's ornaments.I have alot of these all from my grandmother.They remind me of little flyin saucers.
My ornaments from Germany.I have loads on the tree.My mom got them when we lived in Weisbaden.
Gotta have a
Here is my photo of my grandmother with santa.She loved christmas and loved Santa.My mom put it in a frame for me and I think the frame is the perfect one.I will even keep it in the frame after christmas.She always decked the house to the hilt at christmas.We always decorated the tree together while watching Rudolph and all those other christmas shows.Along with Charlie Brown and the Grinch.I still watch them to this day.She also bought me the Chipmunks christmas record which I still have, and everytime I hear one of the songs play I always think of her.Christmas sure isn't the same without her.
So do you have your tree and decorations up yet?Whats your favorite Christmas memories. 


  1. Your tree looks rather fantastic!
    The pic of your Grandma and Santa is so sweet.
    Aren't vintage ornaments the BEST!! I hope by next year I can have a all vintage ball tree.

  2. I love your tree, it's beautiful!
    I agree, the photo of your grandma is adorable.

  3. Sounds like me! I just put up my tree last night! Usually I decorate in November, but it's still so sunny here it doesn't feel like Christmas time yet! Cute pics!!

  4. Yoli,
    Your tree looks amazing!especially love the Elvis decorations. aww your grams was so cute. I love your hair to the side and your grey sweater.

  5. Aww what a sweet story. I love when people collect ornaments from all different places. We havent put up a tree yet because we'll be spending Xmas at our cabin but my mom says we can get a white one and decorate it with black ornaments. Lets see if she keeps her promise.