Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Bye 2012

Happy New Year everyone.I hope everyone has a good night welcoming 2013.I would like to thanks all my subscribers for following my year of vintage and vanity.I know I have slacked a little but I plan on making that up in the new year.More beauty and antiquing.

I'm not going to be out tonight but I thought I would at least do my new year look.Yes I have bangs again.My hair was dixie fried from all the bleach and was looking horrible.So today I decided to give myself bangs.I didn't want bettie bangs.They are to much trouble and so many have them,I didn't want to go back to that.I wanted something I can grow out.Which I still plan on doing.Just decided to get rid of the dead mess.I was nervous how they would look all blonde by themselves and my red hair.But I like how they turned out.Anyway here is my look for new years.

Silver and gold smokey eye.And a bright red lip.Wet n Wild stop light red.

My bang

I don't normally do resolutions but I did want a couple for 2013.

1. Better job next year.
2. Move out of South Carolina
3.Definatley keep up on my blog and check out my blogs I follow.
4.More makeup hoarding.

Happy New Year everyone.

Love Yoli.xxxxx

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone.Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.It sure came and went fast.I am stuffed from to much food.But can't turn down desert.Here is my Christmas look for today.

Something easy and pretty today.

I used my tarte eye shadows and eyeliner I got for christmas.My cheater mascara by the balm and ELF matte lipstick.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Here Comes Suzie Snowflake

Hello everyone.Sorry I am a slacker from posting.I'm just
Today I decided to be suzie snowflake and do a nice wintery make up look.I will post the tutorial of how I did it.I warn you it's a long
But before I share the video here are some photos of my look.

Hate the camera lighting.

can only see a little sparkle.

My smirky

Hope everyone had a nice day.

Love Yoli.xxxxxx

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yay For Heyday

I don't know about you but I want every color in the swing trousers by Heyday.On thursday my new plum swing trousers arrived.They are so pretty and so comfortable.Here is my outfit for today and jetta wanted to be pretty to.Today was a good hair day as well.So what are your favorite heyday items in your wardrobe?

In my bedroom.posing with lilly the

waiting  for max to take a tried a new foundation and it is to light.So annoying.

Jetta and her glowy

Hope everyone has had a good

Love Yoli xxxx

Monday, December 3, 2012

My Love Of Chanel

When I think of the words sophistication or class.Gabrielle Chanel pops in my head.I have had a growing obsession to Chanel.The smell of Chanel No5 is so familiar to me when I was a kid.I am not sure if my gran wore the fragrance or another member of the family wore it.But when I smell it it it takes me back to playing dress up.stealing my grans lipstick,and her pearls,putting on her heals and trying to walk tall in them.I was always doing that when I was at her house.
Anyway I have been meaning to post about my obsessive and growing love for everything Chanel.I was given a small bottle as a gift a few years ago,and cannot find it.I have a bad feeling it is in storage somewhere.And this was the start of my obsession.I went to ulta in charleston with my sister towards the end of summer.While in there looking for more make up to hoard I couldn't help stopping in the cologne and perfume area.There bright as the moon was Chanel No5.I ginormous bottle.I swear i started going to it like it was a magnet.I sprayed it on my wrist and I swear I wanted to bathe in it.It was pretty strong from what I remembered of my little bottle.I think thats why I didn't wear  it.But this time was different.That strong smell turned into heaven.You could smell every flower and oil she put into this beautiful perfume.

All day long I could smell it on me and it was so pretty and elegant.And ever since that day,when ever I would go into Ulta or somewhere they sold Chanel.I would spray it on my wrist and if no one was looking would try to bathe in it before I left the

A few pay days ago I went to Ulta just for a new foundation and other things,and as usual there was the Chanel section.I went over and sprayed it and pondered what size I wanted.But the price made me keep pondering.Plus the size I wanted was all sold out.So I bought my bits and pieces and left.On the way home all I could smell was that wonderful smell of Chanel.And I decided when I got home I would go online and look at their site.I found out where else to get it.Belk had it near where I live and I decided that sunday I was going to Belk and I was going to buy it.Well Sunday came and I got dressed and rushed over and bought a bottle of Chanel No5.And here are some lovely pics of her.

The photo makes it look much smaller but it is a fairly good size.This is the box it came in.And I keep it in the box.

And here she is out of the box.I wear it every day.It has become a part of me.When I wear it it doesn't wear off,which I absolutely love.I hate when I have to re spray a perfume later in the day.So I have decided that once a month I am going to treat myself to a Chanel product.So what is your favorite must have absolute obsession perfume?

Enjoy this lovely video about Chanel.

Love Yoli.xxxxx

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another Slice Of Kittie Spice

Hello everyone.I thought I would share some photos I took of Kittie Spice a few days ago.Just to let you all know how well she is doing and how happy she is since we adopted her.

She is so pretty.

I interupted her sleeping

I love her.

Kittie Spice and Jetta having a face

Sleepy Spice

One Last Kittie Spice pose.

She has grown so much and is so much healthier than when Max found her.No more fleas and no more ear mites.She has caught 3 mice and is one happy kittie.

Love Yoli

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How I Did My Rolls

Hi everyone.sorry I haven't posted in ages.Just can't be bothered lately.So thought I would share a tutorial I did for my victory rolls.I was getting sick of doing the same side roll and pomp roll so parted my hair in the middle and did two rolls.Max said I have a heart on my't notice till I looked at the you all like it.I will be posting more soon I

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Simple Sunday

I decided o have a simple sunday with my hair today.Ponytail with a roll bang and a pretty purple scarf to match the flowers on my little cardi.

My Make up.You can hardly see my pretty shadows.Why is there never good lighting for my pics?Lol.

The look came from this little book.

Even though these colors are for the cheeks I couldn't resist using the top light pink on the left and the dark plum on bottom left for my eyes.My camera doesn't do justice.

I love using these two mascaras together.Even by themselves they are the best.Telescopic Explosion by Loreal and Cheater by The Balm.

The best gel liner.Maybeline Eyestudio.

One of my favorite old ass lipstick.Summer Grape by Tropez.

Love Yoli xxxx

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Falling For Fall

Hello everyone.Sorry it's been a while since a recent post.Been working and just been lazy lately.Have the weekend off so thought I would do my hair and make up today.I also did a tutorial for my make up.Here is todays hair and make up look for fall.

I rolled all of the hair in from of my ears and my bangs in the pink sponge rollers.I didn't feel like sleeping in a whole head set in them so this morning I used my hot sticks in the back.Then did my pomp bang swirl on top and two little swirls.added my fall flowers from claires.

Like Rita Hayworth I am giving good face.

For my make up I did oranges from center of my lid to the edge.I used a dark brown at the corner edge.A dark green on my crease witch went a little to much with my crease brush.oopsy.A gold in the inner corner and a yellowy frosty chamagne color on the brow bone.
Lipstick is wet and wilds matte orange red in the color Purty Persimmon/reflet orange #970

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.New look

Love Yoli xxxxxxx

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hubby Treats

Been missing my hubby alot.I received  two more surprises in the mail this weekend.They are so cute.

On Friday I received this lovely kittie lipstick holder.She has the sweetest face.

She looks so elegant.

Now miss poodle has a friend to talk about lovely lipsticks Kittie needs a name.

On Saturday I received another present from my hubby.This lovely lipstick holder.She is small and so cute.I may name her scarlet.

I love these so much and they cheered me up.Thanks hubby.xx

Love Yoli xxx

Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Hair Today

Hello I did my make up from my ELF pallet the Evil Queen.It was alot of fun and the colors look beautiful on.So here are some photos of my hair and make up.

I did the daytime look.


No one would take my pic so i look annoyed in my

I needed my glasses to

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend.You can view the tutorial by going to the link.

Love Yoli.xxxx

Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Dita

Happy 40th birthday to Dita Von Teese.She is truely an icon for today.Hope she has a beautiful day with lots of cake and champagne.Wooo Hoo Dita.Here are some of my favorite pics.

Love Yoli

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Greedy Villain In Me

Hello everyone.I am super excited to post about the ELF makeup palettes I got today.They are from The Villain series.Probably for halloween coming up.I found out about these a few days ago from a fellow youtube buddy.She always finds cool things.Well she showed all her viewers these lovely palettes and I started drooling and thinking how much I had to have all three.They are only sold at walgreens,well selected ones.The one down the street from me didn't have them,so today I went to the beach and went to the walgreens there and yay.I bought all three.they are only $9.99 each.Not bad at all and you get lovely products.I have been using ELF products about a year now and have acquired a hoard collection of eye shadow pallets and everything shadows stay on all day even without a primer.So I highly recommend trying them.Anyway back to the three lovely evils.

The most beautiful Villains ever written.Cruella ,Maleficent,Evil Queen.

Lets Look at Cruella'a evil Looks.

Very Pretty browns and golds,includes false eye lashes and glue,eye shadow primer,lip and cheek pencil,and liquid eye liner.

Inside Cruellas evil look book.

Turn the page behind the mirror and you find her daytime look.

Flip the side of her cruel face for the evening look.

Next is the evil looks by Maleficent.

Lovely Purples and greys.Also eyelashes and glue and ect.The eye lashes are nice and pointy fluttery.

Inside Maleficent's evil look book.

Behind the mirror is Maleficents daytime look.

The evil night time look.

And finally The Evil Queen.She reminds me of Bette Davis.

Just love the eyelashes in this set.

Inside her evil look book.

The Evil Queens daytime look.

The Evil Queens night time look.Love it..

Hope all you ladies who want one are able to find them near you.If your out of the US check ELF's website and see if they have a pharmacy near you that may carry them.I did that to find the walgreens near me.and there were only 2.I was shocked I actually found them.I will do a tutorial on each one soon.

Love Yoli xxxx