Saturday, January 28, 2012

Handcarved Pretty Little Things

Hi everyone.Sorry for the lack of posts been kind of lazy and everytime I want to do an outfit of the day or something I get called in at work.So hope to keep up more.I am waiting for Feb 1st to get here so I can go purchase Lilly.I called the antique store and they had a recording that they reopen then.I can't wait.Anyway I got these lovely handcarved 1940's wooden sandles from Ebay.They are from the philipines and they are so pretty.I took a chance cuz they didn't really know the size.It said they were 9 inches so I just took that as a size wear a 7 which is a 5 in UK sizes.But they looked small.And I am glad I went with my gut cuz they are a perfect fit.But I think if they were a tad smaller I would have to give them away.I can't  wait to wear them with a cute spring outfit.Which in the south is coming quick.It's been in the 70's this week in South Carolina.Anyway enough blabbing.Here are some pics of these pretty little things.
Love the detail.The houses and trees are so adorable.I wonder how long it takes to carve all of it? foot looks wrinkled cuz I forgot to put lotion on.I was to excited to do pics of these.
Took them off to show you the pretty soles inside.I just love these.The bottoms are grip soles so I will probably wear them with certain things cuz I would want to get them wet or walk in something that will ruin them.Let alone slip cuz there isn't nothing on the everyone is having a nice saturday.I am off to sallys beauty supply for some hair color.So sick of coloring my hair but the grey is trying to win the battle on my

Love Yoli.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Polynesian weekender

Hope your all having a nice lazy Sunday.I took all the christmas stuff to storage finally.I seriously need to go through and re pack everything.It looks like a hoarders nest.Everything is up to the door.And I know half of it is crap and toys my kids don't even than that I have been glued to Turner Classic Movies channel while facebooking and browsing the internet.Speaking of browsing I found this lovely weekender coming in April.I don't know how I didn't know about it but thought I would share the link.If we can't make VLV this year we are going to try to go to this polynesian weekend.It looks like fun.Enjoy

Friday, January 20, 2012

RIP Etta James

Etta James has gone with all the other angels in the music world.She was only 73 Still to young in my eyes.She got her break at 16 with her doo wop group when they auditioned for Johnny Otis.One of her bggest hits was At Last.I believe this was the first song I ever heard of hers and I was hooked.She sung those lovely songs about love,sex and all the things you couldn't sing about.So here is a song foreveryone to enjoy.RIP Etta we will miss

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Here's Looking At You Kid

Well today was the big day me and hubby were dreading.He had to return to England today.Not only were his 3 months up but his passport expires saturday so he had to get back quick to fix that so we could start our immigration mess.Which still hasn't been started.I worked almost the whole time he was here and because of the holidays had to spend my money on christmas.This is the longest we have spent together since we have been married.And each seperation is harder and harder.It always feels like the last scene of Casablanca.Saying goodbye.It's always gut wrenching.
But he will be back in March.He has been booked a mini tour with Linda Gail Lewis in Germany which at first upset me.I thought to myself here we go back to the same away from each other and you go on tour.But it's a short one and he will get good money for it which will pay for his flight back and immigration.And hopefully with money I get from workng we may still make VLV this year.
So even though he had to leave today March isn't far so hopefully it will go fast and he will be back.Also I will be getting my taxes next month and if it's enough we plan on me flying to England and if I can get there in time I can go to Germany with him and we fly back here together.Fingers crossed.But I really miss my hubby.

Love Yoli xxx

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Last Friday Frock Shop

Last Friday me and hubby went back to the flea market to see my favorite lady.The one who gave me that lovely little crochet bag.She had two things I really wanted so I made sure I went back that day to get them.And here are the two gorgeous items.Both for $10.00.
This lovely fushia lurex top.It fits perfect a little bit large at the sides but I can fix that.
I also got these lovely chinese capris.They are so silky and I just love the pattern.Need to clean them and give a nice ironing.
front zip and little button up on front.
Love the detail in the flowers and all the colors.
Inside the leg.It amazes me how they do this.My chinese dress has the same pattern on the inside of the dress.Haven't bought anything else this week.Hubby goes back to England tomorrow so been trying to do things together before he leaves.I wish I could go back with him.But her will be back in March.

Love Yoli

Monday, January 9, 2012

Meet Lilly

I am so excited I am going crazy.Hubby and I went antiquing today.It sure is becoming an I found Rose a friend.She is almost identical to her sister.just doesn't have wheels or the leafy details on the edges.But the front detail piece on the front and the striping is the same.So I would like to introduce Lilly.I took the photo from the window cuz they are closed for the month of January so I am going straight there to get her.
Click pic for better look at her.
If you click lilly you can see the same detail like Rose.
This is roses lovely detail plate and the striping.I am so excited to find such a close match.I can't wait.*doing my shimmey dance*
Love Yoli xx

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dresses and Shoes

Went to TJMaxx the same as TKMaxx in the UK.Wonder why they have different names?Anyway I got this cute circle dress .I haven't shopped there in years and noticed the prices are not as cheap as they used to be.I found that kind of depressing cuz it's one of my favorite places to shop,especially for sexy shoes..Oh well it didn't stop me.I got this dress for $15.00 on the clearance rack.Still kind of
The dress looks like a mini in the photo but it comes below the knee.
Close up of the print.I love the black lace trim on the bottom.The little belt is the same print as the dress and I think I am going to replace it with either a red belt or a white one.
I also got these cute pale pink wedge shoes on clearence for $15.00.I can't wait to frock them.Rose wanted to pose with them.Oops I everyone has had a nice weekend.xx
Love Yoli

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Vanity Rose

Hello everyone.Been cleaning my room today and gave my vanity Rose a nice bath in Old English polish.She is a happy girl now.She doesn't like dust.I will probably post about her alot.Can't help it.I'm still sulking over her sister but I may have found her a new friend.Trying to decide if I want to get the dresser or not.The drawers are kind of stiff and I get frustrated easy with things like that.
But I went to another  favorite antique stores and they lady is always nice and gives me good deals and advice on caring for antiques which is good.She has lots of nice furniture so I am sure to find a dresser.I also went to the flea market.Just browsing.And the lady there I buy vintage clothing from saw me looking at the little hand bags and she said"I want to show you the little crochet bag up there".She grabbed it and said."It's from the 1930's and I want you to take it with you." I started blushing cuz I didn't expect that sweet gesture.Then she said "your the only one who love these things and I know you will appreciate it"She is such a sweet lady.It's nice to shop places where they care about what they sell and know what they sell and get excited like I do whe I am shopping.Makes it so much fun too.So here is a couple pics of Rose and also the lovely little bag .
Think I need to do the mirror again cuz I see streaks.:(
See the corners on each side.It doesn't matter how much I put on the wood turns a white dusty film or something.Maybe I should use oil there instead of spray.
My little bag.Love the bamboo handleDoes anyone know how you clean old crochet items?
Moved to the bathroom for better lighting.It needs to be cleaned badly
It's such a cute bag with a good cleaning I will have fun with it.

Love Yoli

Monday, January 2, 2012

Antique Monday

Today me and hubby went to a new antique store.My first antique shop for 2012.It's been here for years and today was my first time going in.Don't you love when you go into a new place and think."why haven't I come in sooner"? I found so much I want.I will definatley be going back.I also kept an eye out for a dresser to match my vanity and also still looking out for the perfect vanity chair or stool.
Here is what I got today.
Finally found my 1950's eyeglasses.They look the same color as the ones i wear normally except mine are not vintage and they are just square frames.I have not been able to find this tortoise style.These babies were $24.00 I got them for $16.00 the seller was having a 30% off sale.

Me with my everyday glasses non vintage ones.I am excited my vintage ones are so similar just different shaped.

And now for the bad news.:(

I have had my glasses about 2 hours and went to get the scissors to cut the tag off and my dad came home and sat his case of beer on them and broke the frame and on the arm there is now a crack where the arm almost broke off.I heard the crack noise and thought "oh shit." my dad still rambling to my mom I ran over and lifted it up and was sick.I know the frame can be mended but I am worried about the arm cuz they are old they probably won't bend back as easy as new frames.Fingers crossed.

Anyway I got these babies for $10.00.they will match that glass set I bought recently.
Aren't they gorgeous?
Close up.They will match perfectly with these below I got a few weeks back..
Well thats my first antique shop for 2012.Did anyone do antiquing for 2012 yet?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.Hope you all had a lovely and safe evening.I had plans for me and hubby to go out but found out I have to work tomorrow so thought what's the point going out now when I will only be able to have one drink and I am stuck driving as well.So we stayed home.But I decided to dress up anyway.They say what you do for the new year is what you do the whole new year so I thought if I dress up I will look good and feel good all year.And will have new confidence this year.So here is what we got up to.
Stocked up on my favorites.
Now I am one of those girls who loves those silly real housewife Frankel from real houswives of New York has created her own margarita called Skinny Girl.Less calories but I finally found it here I can tell you you won't feel a thing when your done.I tasted loads of all must try it.
Me caught double
Hold up your red solo cups ladies.
I decided to wear my chinese dress tonight.Here is me and hubby with his Tequila.
I have had my dress for years and tonight was the first time ever wearing it.Here are the shoes I wore.Took me years to find shoes the same color as the dress.I love them.Only $
Jetta was happy she didn't have to dress up tonight.She is
Happy New Year everyone.

Love Yoli xxx