Monday, January 2, 2012

Antique Monday

Today me and hubby went to a new antique store.My first antique shop for 2012.It's been here for years and today was my first time going in.Don't you love when you go into a new place and think."why haven't I come in sooner"? I found so much I want.I will definatley be going back.I also kept an eye out for a dresser to match my vanity and also still looking out for the perfect vanity chair or stool.
Here is what I got today.
Finally found my 1950's eyeglasses.They look the same color as the ones i wear normally except mine are not vintage and they are just square frames.I have not been able to find this tortoise style.These babies were $24.00 I got them for $16.00 the seller was having a 30% off sale.

Me with my everyday glasses non vintage ones.I am excited my vintage ones are so similar just different shaped.

And now for the bad news.:(

I have had my glasses about 2 hours and went to get the scissors to cut the tag off and my dad came home and sat his case of beer on them and broke the frame and on the arm there is now a crack where the arm almost broke off.I heard the crack noise and thought "oh shit." my dad still rambling to my mom I ran over and lifted it up and was sick.I know the frame can be mended but I am worried about the arm cuz they are old they probably won't bend back as easy as new frames.Fingers crossed.

Anyway I got these babies for $10.00.they will match that glass set I bought recently.
Aren't they gorgeous?
Close up.They will match perfectly with these below I got a few weeks back..
Well thats my first antique shop for 2012.Did anyone do antiquing for 2012 yet?


  1. O,do hope the glasses frames will be ok!
    They're so sweet!Love those drining glasses too!
    I haven't been any kind of shopping at all yet!I think it's cos I have things I need,as opposed to things I want,to get,and that puts me off a bit!!!hahaha!XXX

  2. I hope they are ok.or I will have to break out the nerd

  3. Oh nooooooo! Your heart must have just sunk to your toes the moment you heard the sound of your lovely frames being crushed. Fingers firmly crossed that they're able to be mended and live to see (literally) another day.

    Wishing you a gorgeous New Year that's free of any other such unpleasant moments.


  4. Oh no, you must have been so gutted, they look like fabulous specs.
    Love the glasses, what a coincidence to find more of the same.
    No shopping for me yet this year but reading about your thrifting adventures is making me fancy a trip into turn! x

  5. What a bummer. I would have been so upset. :( Hopefully they are fixable because they are such cute frames. I know this won't help, but at least you didn't pay an arm and a leg for them!

  6. Those drinking glasses are awesome!!!

  7. Those are smoe cute specs! Great bargain.
    Drinking glasses are so cool, lovecthe design.