Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dresses and Shoes

Went to TJMaxx the same as TKMaxx in the UK.Wonder why they have different names?Anyway I got this cute circle dress .I haven't shopped there in years and noticed the prices are not as cheap as they used to be.I found that kind of depressing cuz it's one of my favorite places to shop,especially for sexy shoes..Oh well it didn't stop me.I got this dress for $15.00 on the clearance rack.Still kind of
The dress looks like a mini in the photo but it comes below the knee.
Close up of the print.I love the black lace trim on the bottom.The little belt is the same print as the dress and I think I am going to replace it with either a red belt or a white one.
I also got these cute pale pink wedge shoes on clearence for $15.00.I can't wait to frock them.Rose wanted to pose with them.Oops I everyone has had a nice weekend.xx
Love Yoli


  1. Can't wait to see you in that super cute frock! Sarah xxx

  2. Super cute purchases! I hope we get t see you model them.

  3. Lovely dress and shoes! I feel the same about TK Maxx here too. I used to be in there all the time, getting great bargains on the clearance rack for £3 ($5) but now they just don't reduce them that much!

  4. I hope you wear this cute dress for frock Friday!
    love the lacey netting,I really never find anything in UK TKMaxx.

  5. Great finds! I never go in there, there's always great shoes but far too small for my huge feet. x

  6. oh what a sweet and fabulous dress, i love this pattern! and the wedges are so perfect and cute!