Saturday, January 28, 2012

Handcarved Pretty Little Things

Hi everyone.Sorry for the lack of posts been kind of lazy and everytime I want to do an outfit of the day or something I get called in at work.So hope to keep up more.I am waiting for Feb 1st to get here so I can go purchase Lilly.I called the antique store and they had a recording that they reopen then.I can't wait.Anyway I got these lovely handcarved 1940's wooden sandles from Ebay.They are from the philipines and they are so pretty.I took a chance cuz they didn't really know the size.It said they were 9 inches so I just took that as a size wear a 7 which is a 5 in UK sizes.But they looked small.And I am glad I went with my gut cuz they are a perfect fit.But I think if they were a tad smaller I would have to give them away.I can't  wait to wear them with a cute spring outfit.Which in the south is coming quick.It's been in the 70's this week in South Carolina.Anyway enough blabbing.Here are some pics of these pretty little things.
Love the detail.The houses and trees are so adorable.I wonder how long it takes to carve all of it? foot looks wrinkled cuz I forgot to put lotion on.I was to excited to do pics of these.
Took them off to show you the pretty soles inside.I just love these.The bottoms are grip soles so I will probably wear them with certain things cuz I would want to get them wet or walk in something that will ruin them.Let alone slip cuz there isn't nothing on the everyone is having a nice saturday.I am off to sallys beauty supply for some hair color.So sick of coloring my hair but the grey is trying to win the battle on my

Love Yoli.


  1. They are going to look so cute with your Chinese black capris. love the little houses and the color matches everything.

  2. Those are adorable and they look fabulous on your feet!
    I always search for a pair now and then but the vintage ones are usually all too darn small.

    I have to re-do my hair too. The black has faded quite a bit and I have some lovely 1 1/2 inch roots. *bleck*

  3. Love it, love it, love it! Wow! I'm so jealous! I have a similar pair of 1940's wooden sandals but they are way too small for me! Im so glad yours fit you! They're stunning!

  4. Wow, those are amazing! Lovely wooden details indeed. (:
    I'm following your blog from now on!

    My blog.

  5. They are amazing, I really love them!
    I hate doing my roots, I seem to get black dye over everything. x

  6. she is beautiful and the perfect shoes to your feet looking great dear