Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.Hope you all had a lovely and safe evening.I had plans for me and hubby to go out but found out I have to work tomorrow so thought what's the point going out now when I will only be able to have one drink and I am stuck driving as well.So we stayed home.But I decided to dress up anyway.They say what you do for the new year is what you do the whole new year so I thought if I dress up I will look good and feel good all year.And will have new confidence this year.So here is what we got up to.
Stocked up on my favorites.
Now I am one of those girls who loves those silly real housewife Frankel from real houswives of New York has created her own margarita called Skinny Girl.Less calories but I finally found it here I can tell you you won't feel a thing when your done.I tasted loads of all must try it.
Me caught double
Hold up your red solo cups ladies.
I decided to wear my chinese dress tonight.Here is me and hubby with his Tequila.
I have had my dress for years and tonight was the first time ever wearing it.Here are the shoes I wore.Took me years to find shoes the same color as the dress.I love them.Only $
Jetta was happy she didn't have to dress up tonight.She is
Happy New Year everyone.

Love Yoli xxx


  1. WELL I freaking HOPE that this "They say what you do for the new year is what you do the whole new year" isn't true.. BECAUSE I don't want to be in yoga pants all 2012! *LOL*
    But wait I had a party with crabs and lobsters and I know full well not many people do that. AND if thats what I will be doing in 2012 then I am DAMN EXCITED! *HAHAH*
    You look gorgeous Yoli! That dress is lovely on you.

    Happy New Year to you and your Hubby and the rest of your family. =D

  2. love that dress on you I must break out some of mine when I get home.Shoulda found hubby a mandarin outfit that would have been cool lol

  3. oh gosh how gorgous and glamourous you look in gold darling! wish you all the best for 2012!
    big kiss,mary

  4. Oh Yoli, you look beautiful! That dress is truly stunning and the shoes are a very classy perfect match!

    Happy new year and all the luck to you and your hubs! xxx

  5. You look amazing, I love that dress and those shoes! Jetta is smiling, isn't she?
    Happy New Year! x

  6. Thanks ladies.Hope you all had a nice one as well.xx

  7. Yoli,
    I love your golden Chinese dress!
    gold is suppose to be good luck for the New Year and gold is a Leo color. I want the skinny margarita. I need lite drinks.
    your shoes are so pretty.
    Hope the New Year brings you lots of prosperity and peace. Hope you can move over here soon so we can prostitute the town.
    luv ya

  8. Thank you Dora.I picked the dress for that reason.Was gonna wear my black 50's style dress with the green satin belt and green cardi for money luck but it didn't seem like a new year dress when I looked at it.I think shiney sparkley for new years.So the chinese dress just looked hope to move to England too.I really can't stand it will be the fashtitute

  9. Happy new year to you too! I also stayed inside. It was grand. That dress is hot. Xoxoxo.