Thursday, January 12, 2012

Here's Looking At You Kid

Well today was the big day me and hubby were dreading.He had to return to England today.Not only were his 3 months up but his passport expires saturday so he had to get back quick to fix that so we could start our immigration mess.Which still hasn't been started.I worked almost the whole time he was here and because of the holidays had to spend my money on christmas.This is the longest we have spent together since we have been married.And each seperation is harder and harder.It always feels like the last scene of Casablanca.Saying goodbye.It's always gut wrenching.
But he will be back in March.He has been booked a mini tour with Linda Gail Lewis in Germany which at first upset me.I thought to myself here we go back to the same away from each other and you go on tour.But it's a short one and he will get good money for it which will pay for his flight back and immigration.And hopefully with money I get from workng we may still make VLV this year.
So even though he had to leave today March isn't far so hopefully it will go fast and he will be back.Also I will be getting my taxes next month and if it's enough we plan on me flying to England and if I can get there in time I can go to Germany with him and we fly back here together.Fingers crossed.But I really miss my hubby.

Love Yoli xxx


  1. Oh wow, I cant imagine being apart from my husband. All I can say is, distract yourself with vintage movies & TCM and hopefully time will go by fast! Good luck with your tax money, hopefully it's even more than think!! xoxo

  2. Oh poor you make sure you blog lots so we can all keep you smiling till he gets back.

  3. Oh at least you got to spend loads of time together.
    Hopefully he will be back soon. The months pass by so quick.

  4. Aw sorry to hear you guys had to be separated. Good luck with the immigration bureaucracy and good luck to your hubby on his tour!