Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Last Friday Frock Shop

Last Friday me and hubby went back to the flea market to see my favorite lady.The one who gave me that lovely little crochet bag.She had two things I really wanted so I made sure I went back that day to get them.And here are the two gorgeous items.Both for $10.00.
This lovely fushia lurex top.It fits perfect a little bit large at the sides but I can fix that.
I also got these lovely chinese capris.They are so silky and I just love the pattern.Need to clean them and give a nice ironing.
front zip and little button up on front.
Love the detail in the flowers and all the colors.
Inside the leg.It amazes me how they do this.My chinese dress has the same pattern on the inside of the dress.Haven't bought anything else this week.Hubby goes back to England tomorrow so been trying to do things together before he leaves.I wish I could go back with him.But her will be back in March.

Love Yoli


  1. Oooh, love the capris! So elegant! xoxo

  2. Two Puuuurrrfect finds!
    The top is cute and those capris are quite pretty I bet they will both look rather lovely on you.

  3. Serious top envy! That is such a gorgeous shade of pink ♥!!

  4. That top is TOO cute! I love bright pinks, but shimmer pink? 2L2 quit, gurl.


  5. That pink lurex top is going to look so good with your red hair.
    Adorable chinese capris. Love satin.