Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Vanity Rose

Hello everyone.Been cleaning my room today and gave my vanity Rose a nice bath in Old English polish.She is a happy girl now.She doesn't like dust.I will probably post about her alot.Can't help it.I'm still sulking over her sister but I may have found her a new friend.Trying to decide if I want to get the dresser or not.The drawers are kind of stiff and I get frustrated easy with things like that.
But I went to another  favorite antique stores and they lady is always nice and gives me good deals and advice on caring for antiques which is good.She has lots of nice furniture so I am sure to find a dresser.I also went to the flea market.Just browsing.And the lady there I buy vintage clothing from saw me looking at the little hand bags and she said"I want to show you the little crochet bag up there".She grabbed it and said."It's from the 1930's and I want you to take it with you." I started blushing cuz I didn't expect that sweet gesture.Then she said "your the only one who love these things and I know you will appreciate it"She is such a sweet lady.It's nice to shop places where they care about what they sell and know what they sell and get excited like I do whe I am shopping.Makes it so much fun too.So here is a couple pics of Rose and also the lovely little bag .
Think I need to do the mirror again cuz I see streaks.:(
See the corners on each side.It doesn't matter how much I put on the wood turns a white dusty film or something.Maybe I should use oil there instead of spray.
My little bag.Love the bamboo handleDoes anyone know how you clean old crochet items?
Moved to the bathroom for better lighting.It needs to be cleaned badly
It's such a cute bag with a good cleaning I will have fun with it.

Love Yoli


  1. Hello Rose!!
    "Ahhh she is soooo pretty"

    (I was told if you take a bar of soap or wax to the older drawer rails they will start to run alot smoother.)

    The little crochet bag is so sweet.

    I have only hand washed any crochet items. I am too scared to do it any other way. *lol*

  2. How sweet of that lady to think of you! Your vanity is lovely and so organised.

  3. I do nothing but clean old vanity mirrors at work. :))
    I use window/mirror cleaner, a damp cloth and have a go, then I dry it off with a soft dry cloth and after I polish the mirrors with old news paper, make sure it's at least 3 days old, fresh ink is no good.

    If your drawers are stubborn you can rub some candle wax on the sides, that works fine.

    I'm bold! I wash anything that say's hand wash or dry cleaning in my ashing machine. I always use a washing bag and I always wash items like that on 30. If you're not sure, don't do what I do. :))

  4. I use newspaper too with mirrors.I will try the wax on the drawers.I use gentle cycle on some things that say hand wash but I have this really pretty grey color cadrigan with black roses on it and it said hand wash so thats what I did cuz I think it had angora in it.Wish I had used gentle cycle cuz the black die from the roses bled on the cardigan while hang drying.I guess I didn't get all the water out.Now it looks like someone threw a coke or coffee on I can't brng myself to get rid of it.

  5. Agreed, I love people who appreciate your love for preserving this era. You are lucky to have someone who sees that! Still love your vanity. I know she will bring you years of happiness!

  6. What a beautiful dressing table and so kind of the lady to look out that bag for you.
    I agree with Little Rascal, running a candle across the drawer's runners should sort out it out.
    As for the crochet bag try one of those powdered stain removers. In the Uk we have "Vanish" but I use a cheap version from the Pound shop. I haven't failed to shift a stain yet. x

  7. How kind of the lady to give you the bag, what a sweet gesture. My dressing table mirror is a bit ghosted so always looks streaky!

  8. Rose is lovely Hope hope hope you find her sister or an adopted one you love just as much as the one you missed.

  9. Rose it looking all shiny!
    That was nice of the lady to gift you that cute crochet bag,what a sweetheart.
    You might find better furniture in all your other vintage stores.