Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Christmas Deco Part 2 and Bits and Pieces

Found this box of pretty little things in my closet while trying to organise and not be stuck under an avalanche of
Hmmm whats this stuff?
I was in stitches from laughing when I found the pilsbury dough boy and mrs pilsbury in the box.I remember my grandmother having these and I always wanted to play with them.ha ha.
This little cookbook.
The book was from her brother.3 little holly tea/pudding/sherbert cups?They have a mother of pearl shine to them very pretty.
One odd ball cup also has mother of pearl shine.
hee hee
Inside the holly cup.
the little saucers.So cutesy.This dish is so adorable.I would put wedding cookies or a cheese ball on it.
cookies and cupcakes for this.
For hubbys deviled eggs.
two more saucers
Three lovely plates.I had found the others but have already took them to my storage.Such cute things in that little box.My grandmother sure had pretty taste.

Christmas Deco Part 1

Hi everyone sorry I haven't posted in ages.Been pcking up hours at work which as usual is interfearing with my posts and frock friday.Ugggh.Anyway was cleaning out the closet in my room cuz my mom has it full of all sorts and found old christmas deco that was my grandmothers.I know christmas is long gone but thought I would post what I found.It will be in two parts cuz have alot of grandmother absolutley loved christmas so I am glad my mom had these and now she has given them to me so next christmas will be even prettier.And hopefully I will have my own place by then to really have fun.Anyway here is what I found.sorry about the blurr camera sucks at close ups as usual.
Mr eskimo.He is so adorable.Look at his rosey little goblet.blurry pic.:(
Inside the goblet is a gold glittery candle.She must have only lit it once,cuz the glitter is still intact and there is still a
Santa butter dish or candy dish.He has blue
From the side.Just love holly.
 Holly salt and pepper shakers.
Top hat candle made of Milk glass.It is so cute.
Mr reindeer for a flower arrangment.His little pine cones have chipped.
Window cling on decorations.I loved helping my grandmother put these

Hope everyone is doing well.Sorry if I haven't commented on blogs lately.I will try to catch up friday.And would like to welcome my new members.I am going to do a giveaway soon.I will let you all know.I have been getting it together..

Friday, February 17, 2012

Long Time No Frock

It has been forever since I have done a Frock Frday post.I usually get stuck working on weekends and don't get a chance.My son was my photographer and I wanted one more pic but he hauled ass on his skate board as soon as he was done.Lol.I'm wearing my Grey Freddies jeans that hubby got me last year.A plaid blouse I think I got from TJ Maxx ages ago.And hooray my moccassins came today.Perfect timing.Yay my hair did what I wanted today for quick photos and my make up too.Hope everyone had a great day.Thank god for Frock Friday.xx

I love my little shoes.
My beauties.They are so comfortable.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ebay Win

Yay.I won these cute little pink Minnetonka mocassins on Ebay last night for 19.99 with high shipping.Seems shipping is high on Ebay these days.Oh well they make me't wait to get them.They will be so cute with my grey Freddies.I will post a proper pic wearing them when they arrive.Anyone get any cool Ebay wins lately?
Just love the light pink.They are so cutsey.

Friday, February 10, 2012

My New Antique

I would like everyone to meet my new dresser to go with my vanity.I have been waiting a month to get it and on my way to pick it up worried that I would get there and it would be gone.This antique store is ginormous and even has layaway.How cool is that.I have put a lamp on layaway and keeping that post a secret.Cuz thats going to be a special I named my dresser Lilly.Yes I name Rose seems to like her.They are almost twins.I polished her up but still need to wipe the drawers on the inside before putting my things in it.I am so excited to have it.I was so gutted when the dresser that went with Rose got sold the day I went to buy it so finding Lilly  that was amost an exact match has made me feel there must have been a lucky penny in my change purse.I am now broke again but it was worth it and I have my bedroom almost finished furniture wise.Now on the prowl for a double or king size canopy or four post bed to match them and a long dresser to go with it.Hubby is going to need a place for his clothes are some photos of Lilly and Rose.Enjoy.
Too much glare but here is Lilly all polished up.Even an orb popped
Top drawer and part of the middle drawer.The markings are similar to Rose.
Poor thing has a chip.Not sure how to fix that.
The top
The bottom.She is missing her wheels.Thats ok.
Close up of her detail.
Couldn't leave Rose out.She likes her piture Taken
Rose's detail.Even has the same drawer handles.I don't know how this happened but I am very excited.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

60 Years Strong

I have been in love with England since I was a little girl and I still am to this day.I always thought  it's the most beautiful place in the world and I was super excited when my mother told me that England  had a Queen.I think I was 8 years old.And so my obsession with England began.My family and alot of people for that matter think I am crazy I want to live there so bad.And my friends and family will tell you it's all I talk about.And my poor husband never hears the end of my whining and nagging for him to move me am very proud I have an English husband and a wonderful English family who love how much I love England.Though my husband just thinks i'm mental and laughs.And I will never give up on wanting to live there.But anyway I just wanted to wish Queen Elizabeth a happy Anniversay for 60 years of her reign as Queen of England and if I was allowed to give her a big hug I would.Hee hee.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Hair Color Video

Hi everyone.Sorry I am absent all the time.I have been in a moody funk since my husband went back to England So Today I colored my hair like Lucy in the pic above.And also did a little show off video of the color.I have just started doing videos and have a little youtube channel.It's been a while so I was nervous in this one.You can tell cuz I kept forgetting what I wanted to say.I talked with my hands and trying to catch my't know why that hope you all like the video and the color.I still need to edit the hair cut one.I haven't done it cuz I am worried I will do it wrong and mess the whole video up.Oh and the clicking in the video is the fan on my comp.I need to clean it or something.Enjoy .xx