Sunday, February 5, 2012

60 Years Strong

I have been in love with England since I was a little girl and I still am to this day.I always thought  it's the most beautiful place in the world and I was super excited when my mother told me that England  had a Queen.I think I was 8 years old.And so my obsession with England began.My family and alot of people for that matter think I am crazy I want to live there so bad.And my friends and family will tell you it's all I talk about.And my poor husband never hears the end of my whining and nagging for him to move me am very proud I have an English husband and a wonderful English family who love how much I love England.Though my husband just thinks i'm mental and laughs.And I will never give up on wanting to live there.But anyway I just wanted to wish Queen Elizabeth a happy Anniversay for 60 years of her reign as Queen of England and if I was allowed to give her a big hug I would.Hee hee.


  1. Happy Anniversary Queen Elizabeth!!

    lol @ your hubby thinking your mental. =p

  2. Lovely post - we'd love to have you over here in blighty :o) Scarlett x

  3. I remember you always talking about England.
    I never thought I would live in England ,but things happen out of nowhere. We do plan on moving to California in the future. I am really homesick ,but I try to enjoy as much as I can.
    It is very beautiful place but I'm too Mexi for England.

  4. I'm hoping to be there next month.Just for a visit but better than nothing.Ha ha.Dora to Mexi for

  5. I had the same obsession. I loved reading books about british royalty. When Princess Di, died on my bday, I was crushed. When I was 13 I was able to visit The U.K. and it was life changing. Would love to go back one day.

  6. wow just found your blog, its so gorgeous and unique! great post:)