Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Christmas Deco Part 1

Hi everyone sorry I haven't posted in ages.Been pcking up hours at work which as usual is interfearing with my posts and frock friday.Ugggh.Anyway was cleaning out the closet in my room cuz my mom has it full of all sorts and found old christmas deco that was my grandmothers.I know christmas is long gone but thought I would post what I found.It will be in two parts cuz have alot of grandmother absolutley loved christmas so I am glad my mom had these and now she has given them to me so next christmas will be even prettier.And hopefully I will have my own place by then to really have fun.Anyway here is what I found.sorry about the blurr camera sucks at close ups as usual.
Mr eskimo.He is so adorable.Look at his rosey little goblet.blurry pic.:(
Inside the goblet is a gold glittery candle.She must have only lit it once,cuz the glitter is still intact and there is still a
Santa butter dish or candy dish.He has blue
From the side.Just love holly.
 Holly salt and pepper shakers.
Top hat candle made of Milk glass.It is so cute.
Mr reindeer for a flower arrangment.His little pine cones have chipped.
Window cling on decorations.I loved helping my grandmother put these

Hope everyone is doing well.Sorry if I haven't commented on blogs lately.I will try to catch up friday.And would like to welcome my new members.I am going to do a giveaway soon.I will let you all know.I have been getting it together..


  1. Grandmas treasures are always special finds.
    I love the Eskimo guy reminds me of remember eskimo ice cream? Mr. reindeer is adorable. I can picture you all excited putting up all the window decos. You can use these for next Chritmas.

  2. I remember eskimo ice cream.My grandmother used to get at christmas time from the milkman snowballs.It was vanilla icream ball covered in coconut and came with a little red candle.I loved them then they quit making them.:(

  3. OOoOhh such cute Christmas stuff.
    I love the sparkley candle & the top hat.