Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Christmas Deco Part 2 and Bits and Pieces

Found this box of pretty little things in my closet while trying to organise and not be stuck under an avalanche of
Hmmm whats this stuff?
I was in stitches from laughing when I found the pilsbury dough boy and mrs pilsbury in the box.I remember my grandmother having these and I always wanted to play with them.ha ha.
This little cookbook.
The book was from her brother.3 little holly tea/pudding/sherbert cups?They have a mother of pearl shine to them very pretty.
One odd ball cup also has mother of pearl shine.
hee hee
Inside the holly cup.
the little saucers.So cutesy.This dish is so adorable.I would put wedding cookies or a cheese ball on it.
cookies and cupcakes for this.
For hubbys deviled eggs.
two more saucers
Three lovely plates.I had found the others but have already took them to my storage.Such cute things in that little box.My grandmother sure had pretty taste.

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