Friday, February 17, 2012

Long Time No Frock

It has been forever since I have done a Frock Frday post.I usually get stuck working on weekends and don't get a chance.My son was my photographer and I wanted one more pic but he hauled ass on his skate board as soon as he was done.Lol.I'm wearing my Grey Freddies jeans that hubby got me last year.A plaid blouse I think I got from TJ Maxx ages ago.And hooray my moccassins came today.Perfect timing.Yay my hair did what I wanted today for quick photos and my make up too.Hope everyone had a great day.Thank god for Frock Friday.xx

I love my little shoes.
My beauties.They are so comfortable.


  1. You look very pretty--I love your hair!

  2. Thank you.I will do a little post how I did it.x

  3. Your hair and makeup is gorgeous Yoli, that daisy is the perfect touch! Your moccasins look so cute! You must be the coolest looking mum around! xxx

  4. You look beautiful!
    I love your top, jeans & cute little pink shoes.

  5. Ooh your hair is gorgeous!! And the little daisy clip is super cute. Sarah xxx

  6. You look so cute! It is hard to find the right moments for blog pictures! Oh, I love your dresser btw! And the handles match your vanity table?! Perfect! :) Zoë x

  7. You look so fabulous! Jeans and check shirt are one one my fave wears - ideal for my work which doesnt have a formal dress code. I adore your mocassins - awesome ebay buy. Scarlett x

  8. You look like a 1950s pin-up, so pretty! I love your new moccasins so much. x

  9. Thanks Ladies.I will try to keep outfit posts up.I miss doing them.xx

  10. Fab outfit - the colors really compliment your hair and those moccassins are really cool! :)

  11. Yoli,
    Your too adorable!
    I adorar your hair like that.
    loving your jeans and top.
    I bet your new mocassins match all your pretty clothes.
    Max did a great job!

  12. You are so beautiful! I love your hair. The color and style are breathtaking. This whole outfit is lovely.