Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Hair Color Video

Hi everyone.Sorry I am absent all the time.I have been in a moody funk since my husband went back to England So Today I colored my hair like Lucy in the pic above.And also did a little show off video of the color.I have just started doing videos and have a little youtube channel.It's been a while so I was nervous in this one.You can tell cuz I kept forgetting what I wanted to say.I talked with my hands and trying to catch my't know why that hope you all like the video and the color.I still need to edit the hair cut one.I haven't done it cuz I am worried I will do it wrong and mess the whole video up.Oh and the clicking in the video is the fan on my comp.I need to clean it or something.Enjoy .xx


  1. That video was good Yoli! It was very informative, easy to follow and well done. I'd be way more nervous in front of the camera if it were me!

    Windows movie maker is good for editing videos, you can add all kinds of effects like fading in and out and adding subtitles, it's a bit basic but it does the job! xxx

  2. Yoli, love your hair straight too!
    The video is great, I always talk with my hands and eyes gestures,lol

  3. I'm always doing eye gestures rolling them mostly.I will post the haircut one soon.