Friday, February 10, 2012

My New Antique

I would like everyone to meet my new dresser to go with my vanity.I have been waiting a month to get it and on my way to pick it up worried that I would get there and it would be gone.This antique store is ginormous and even has layaway.How cool is that.I have put a lamp on layaway and keeping that post a secret.Cuz thats going to be a special I named my dresser Lilly.Yes I name Rose seems to like her.They are almost twins.I polished her up but still need to wipe the drawers on the inside before putting my things in it.I am so excited to have it.I was so gutted when the dresser that went with Rose got sold the day I went to buy it so finding Lilly  that was amost an exact match has made me feel there must have been a lucky penny in my change purse.I am now broke again but it was worth it and I have my bedroom almost finished furniture wise.Now on the prowl for a double or king size canopy or four post bed to match them and a long dresser to go with it.Hubby is going to need a place for his clothes are some photos of Lilly and Rose.Enjoy.
Too much glare but here is Lilly all polished up.Even an orb popped
Top drawer and part of the middle drawer.The markings are similar to Rose.
Poor thing has a chip.Not sure how to fix that.
The top
The bottom.She is missing her wheels.Thats ok.
Close up of her detail.
Couldn't leave Rose out.She likes her piture Taken
Rose's detail.Even has the same drawer handles.I don't know how this happened but I am very excited.


  1. I love her more!
    finally got her!!
    wish I had drawers here, I have not space in this small casa.

  2. *Screams with delight* oooooooooooo
    Lilly is so pretty just like Rose!
    Now they can be friends forever and in pictures can pose.

    What a great match you found for Rose.
    I want to do that some time in the distant future... (Meaning when I move and have room) *LOL* I want a DANG WARDROBE *heheh*

  3. Thanks ladies.I still can't believe I found a match so quickly.I didn't think I would find anything like it for a long time or even close.They look so pretty together.

  4. Wow, love them. That dresser is so very glamorous. I aways look fr orbs in photos lol.