Sunday, March 25, 2012

My First Give Away

Hello everyone.As promised I have decided to hold my first give away.I would like to thank all my follwers for being part of my blog and for all the lovely comments you leave.This give away starts today March 25th and ends April 1st at midnight.The winner will be announced Monday the 2nd.Here are the rules to enter my give away.
The Rules:
1.Must be a follower.*don't just follow to win,please follow because you really like this blog and plan on being part of it like my other followers.*
2.Tell me how you found my blog?
3.Watch the video to see what the lucky glamour girl will win.
Thats all you have to do.Good luck everyone.xx

Love Yoli.xx

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shopping Saturday

Hello everyone.Today has been a failed day of shopping.My friend and I had planned a shopping day but she wasn't able to make it.And it has been raining all day.We plan on rescheduling.So I decided to go to forever 21 and get some things I had my eye on.Only downer was I should have gotten them when I saw them two weeks ago.Everything I was after was gone apart from one pair of wide leg pants.Oh well better then getting forgot it was saturday and all the phsyco shoppers would be out.That store was tore up.I hate when people drop things on the floor and leave them.People can be such slobs when they shop.So here is fail number 1.My graffic tee.It's not vintage but I want one cuz it's true.I will try to order it if I can get the check out section to work for me.
It will be mine.

Got these wide leg navy pants for $6.99.They are almost highwaisted.And they are so cute.

Wide legs.needs an

I got two other things but they are part of my give away so they are secret.
My outfit for todays nasty weather.My pose looks like I have to

My hair.Decided on red headed jean harlow in a t colored my hair yesterday.So glad to be able to look in the mirror and not be frightened by all the grey.

Now before I end this post,I have some good news.Tomorrow I will post about my giveaway.It is my first one and will start tomorrow and go on till next sunday.So keep checking tomorrow for my how to enter rules.And what the lucky winner is going to recieve.Hope everyone had a nice saturday.xx

Love Yoli

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Schoop Scoop

Hi everyone.I have finally got two special items today.Two 1950's Moss lamps with Heidi Schoop figures on them.I am so in love with these lamps I can't even describe it.One is a radio and the other as you can see is a clock.Both are in prefect working condition.The radio lamp I found at my new favorite antique shop when I purchased my dresser Lilly.I put it on layway almost 2 weeks ago.So today I have been waiting to pay the rest of the amount and pick it up.But first I had to wait for Mr UPS to bring the clock lamp.The clock lamp I found on ebay the day I put the other on layaway.Since it had no shade I thought I would browse Ebay for a shade to go with it.And what a shock to see the clock lamp staring at me,putting me in that buy me now trance.Now this is the lamp I mentioned in the last post about the radio that I had found on ebay but with in a few hurs it had disappeared so I thought someone got it quick.A few days later I was checking ebay again for a shade, and the lamp was back.I imediatley put it on watch.I was determined to have it and have a set of lamps.
Anyway right after I clicked watch I saw local pick up only and it was is california.My heart sank again.I really wanted this lamp so sent the seller a messege that I was really interested in this lamp and if she would consider selling it to me and I knew shipping would be expensive.The lady was very nice about it.She could have said"hey dumb dumb,can't you read?It says local pick up! But she was very nice and we worked it out and she sent it UPS.It arrived today in a ginormous box.filled to the rim with the white peanuts.It was so big I almost fell had dig for the lamp and shade.I am sure my dogs were laughing at me.The lamp was wrapped in loads of bubble wrap and taped up I could almost not unwrap it.Lol.But finally got it all unwraped and put together,So here is the lamp the kind lady sent me.
So pretty.I need to set the
Under the base in a little lightbulb and it lights the base pink.The radio needs a lightbulb so once i get somebulbs I will take pics.
Just love the figures and it looks so pretty with the black.

This is the radio lamp.Just love her dress with the collar.

Here is some history about Mrs Schoop.I found it on yahoo so I hope no one gets mad at me if it's theirs.

Hedi Schoop was born in Switzerland and an accomplished dancer in Germany, married to a well-known composer, Frederick Hollander. In 1933 Schoop and her husband fled Nazi Germany. After settling in Hollywood she began experimenting first in plaster and later in pottery, and soon became one of Califoria's most respected manufacturers of ceramic products.
Almost all the pieces produced at Schoop's North Hollywood factory were personally designed and modeled by Hedi. The most popular lines were the figurines of men and women...European and Asian couples in native attire, Hawaiian hula dancers and American debutantes. Besides the human figures Hedi Schoop produced animal figurines, vases, planters, candlesticks, ashtrays, and more...often these articles formed coordinated sets of items.
Business thrived in the 1950s, but a disastrous fire destroyed her factory in 1958. Schoop chose not to rebuild, instead selling some of her molds to other local manufacturers, and doing some design work for The California Cleminsons. Hedi Schoop retired from the pottery business in the early sixtiesI am really happy to have this little set of lamp.And lilly like keeping them safe.So now just need new shades.Does anyone have any schoop?I would love to see them.

Love Yoli

Rimmel's Reply

I finally heard back from Rimmel about the packaging issues.Here is their reply.


Thank you for telling us about your dissatisfaction. We're sorry to hear you've had this experience with our Lasting Finish Lip - Kate Moss Collection.

Coty is dedicated to supporting superior quality products with world class service. We appreciate your time in letting us know our product's packaging did not meet your expectations. Your comments will be shared with the appropriate teams for consideration, as we constantly seek to improve the products and programs offered to our consumers.

We hope you will select and enjoy Coty brand fragrances, cosmetics, skin care, sun care and personal care products for your personal and gift giving needs, and we invite you to contact us with any additional questions or comments. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

Danielle Parrilla
Product Care Specialist
Coty Inc Global Consumer Affairs
1-800-715-4023 - Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, ET (US only)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lipstick Ewwwww

Hi everyone.Thought I would do a little post about Kate Moss's lipsticks.I have been after it a while and found it at walmart.And was super excited until I picked one up and it had been used.Then I noticed that every lipstick had no plastic seal wrapping on them so I kept picking up lipsticks and checking if they were used and almost every one of the tubes had been used.I don't know if this is just how Rimmel packages their Kate lipsticks or if some loser had nothing better to do than to unwarp every lipstick.but it looks as though they come un protected.So I have written Rimmel about this issue.I was upset to see this and not surprised walmart carries it like have heard great reviews about this lipstick but I think I will order it instead of buying in the store if it is sold in this way.The last thing I want on my lips is to share someones cold sores or other fungus.I will keep you posted what I hear back from Rimmel if I hear back.But was wondering if there are any ladies who use this lipstick who knows if this is the norm for it?Kate sure has pretty colors though.

Love Yoli

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Day At The Car Show Part 2

And here are some more car photos.
I like how Max loves 60's and 70's thought of the movie Rocky when we saw this trans
For Vix.Hope she likes it.Me and Doras thelma and louise car so we can fit all of our junk in
Max loves lime greenDrooooolThere are more cars but to many to post.Hope everyone has had a nice weekend.xx

Love Yoli

A Day At The Car Show Part 1

Yesterday me and my son Max decided to go to the car show.As much as I love classic cars it wasn't very fun.Of course I was dressed up but the people around here acted as if I was outer space.Making ignorant comments and just being rude.At first I wasn't bothered but by the end of the day I was ready to go cuz I felt like I was going to get into trouble cuz I was finding it hard to hold my tongue.I really don't understand the closed minds of the south sometimes.Anyway enough of the whining about people being mean to me.Here are some pics of me and my son and some kick ass cars.
My son Max wants an SS Comaro one day.He liked this orange one.
I want oneMax found another SS Comaro.lolWhat's so funny about the way I look?Not a damn thing.
This purple car was so prettyMy left eye kept watering the whole time.My eyeliner was getting smeared.
lol.My bra made me look like I have big woobies.
loved this carHee heethose men were back there talking shit.Max loves woody on squinted in every was 80 degrees and the sun was very bright.
sooooo pretty.
 I will do a part two to this.I am having trouble posting the photos.Grrrr blogger acting up.