Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Day At The Car Show Part 1

Yesterday me and my son Max decided to go to the car show.As much as I love classic cars it wasn't very fun.Of course I was dressed up but the people around here acted as if I was outer space.Making ignorant comments and just being rude.At first I wasn't bothered but by the end of the day I was ready to go cuz I felt like I was going to get into trouble cuz I was finding it hard to hold my tongue.I really don't understand the closed minds of the south sometimes.Anyway enough of the whining about people being mean to me.Here are some pics of me and my son and some kick ass cars.
My son Max wants an SS Comaro one day.He liked this orange one.
I want oneMax found another SS Comaro.lolWhat's so funny about the way I look?Not a damn thing.
This purple car was so prettyMy left eye kept watering the whole time.My eyeliner was getting smeared.
lol.My bra made me look like I have big woobies.
loved this carHee heethose men were back there talking shit.Max loves woody on squinted in every was 80 degrees and the sun was very bright.
sooooo pretty.
 I will do a part two to this.I am having trouble posting the photos.Grrrr blogger acting up.


  1. grr, it makes me so cross, you're not dressed extremely at all, not that it should matter if you were, people are dicks

  2. Darling,some people just can't handle fabulousness;it scares them becuase it confrnts them with just how heinous they are.So they react out of fear.ASSHOLES!
    You look gorgeouis,and all those cars are amazeballs!A great way to spend a sunny day with your son,drooling over lovely old cars!

  3. I think you are dressed very cute!
    I don't know what the people were saying, but anything negative should be ignored.
    Trouble is if you were wearing a worn out t shirt with holes.... I doubt anyone would even notice. *lol*


  4. Lovely cars, and you look lovely too. Ignore the haters, they are just jealous of you looking fabulous while they slob around in their sweat pants!

  5. Thanks everyone.I ignore them.Their idea of fashion here is flip flops and camoflauge even the women wear had fun anyway.Oh and it was the first time I wore those mocassins all day and they were comfy.My feet never got tired.yay.

  6. You look adorable Yoli.
    I knew you would find a cute outfit to wear with your pink moccasins. your amigas do look bigger.
    I want the Cholo purple ride and red car for mi boot sales.
    WTF look at what their wearing peed shorts and greasy faded t shirts.
    Bunch of simpletons!

  7. That's me and friend of mine that is mentally disabled in the pic that you say we are talking "trash"(I don't use foul language). I respect anyone who takes pride in what they like and would never criticize otherwise, but I don't appreciate being accused of something that is simply not true.

  8. It was supposedly a fun day with your son, right? You should’ve just ignored those people and never let them ruin your day. You just can’t please everybody! Anyway, it’s a good thing you can still pose and smile for a picture after everything that happened!

    -Erwin Calverley

  9. I wouldn’t blame Max if he wanted to have his own SS Camaro one day. Well, I was also like that the first time I attended a car show. I was ten years old then, and now, I’m really happy and proud to say that I have my own vintage! It’s really a dream come true!

    Maria Wegner