Friday, March 2, 2012

Frock Friday Naughty Girl Next Door

Hi everyone.Finally got a chance to do my frock today.Yay.I look like the girl next door but this leopardprint brings out that sex kitten in me.Hubby missing don't usually do extreme.Well bright colors anyway.But I really liked this cardi I got a few years ago in walmart.Can't remember how much it
The outfit.Purrrrr.Got the capris in a thrift store for $5.00.
My son Max clicked away while I was trying to fix my shoe.The heel is trying to come off.:(
The shoes.Hubby got these for me in Hot Topic *snot topic*a few years ago.They were the last pair in the whole store on clearance for $5.00 and a size 7 *size 5 uk size*So I said mine are comfy.
The Hair.Backwards victory rolls.Pigtails,and pin curls.I am still trying to decide if I still want to grow out these damn bangs.It was hard to get them to twist in those little pin curls cuz they need more legnth.I will keep trying to grow them for now.
My makeup.simple powder and foundation.rosey lips.No eyeshadow.*I forgot* and black gel liner and black mascara.Hope everyone has a great weekend.I am off to see what you lovely glamour girls wore for frock friday.xx

Love Yoli


  1. Hi!
    I just stumbled onto your blog and I just love it! I just joined your "followers", too.
    It's funny, I saw that pink leopard cardigan at Walmart a while back and I've always regretted not getting it! I think there was a turquoise one, too...if I remember correctly.
    I just started a blog myself, a little while ago...check it out if you like!

  2. Your hair looks so cute in curls.
    Your cardi is prettty, one should always wear loud colors.
    I love your pink leopard platforms, lots of hot topic shoes are comfy.
    Kinda looks like your wearing pink eyeshadow.

  3. You look sooo meow kitten cute!! I love those shoes (my oh my)
    And your hair looks divine (WOWWWWWW LOVE IT)

  4. Thanks ladies.Welcome Dina.Yeah I remember the turqoise one and I got the pink and the grey one they had.The pink one is the only thing I have to match the

  5. You look absolutely ravishing! Those shoes are wonderful and your hair rocks. x

  6. love your hair do and shoes...