Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St.Patricks Day

Hi everyone.Hope your all having a great weekend.I had the day off, I am glad I could do my St.Patricks Day frock.I did my hair in a pomp roll.It was hell trying to do it too.I teased the day lights out of it and my hair is so silky it would come out.And of course I started cursing at it.I felt like cutting my bangs but finally got them to co
My make up pretty greens.And bad dress .what is up with my fat foot?lol.I have had this dress for years and have worn it maybe 2 times.Thought today she needed to come out and see the sun.I am shocked it still sweater is to big.Maybe it will shrink in the wash. This is how a skinny girl hair.Curled my hair in my leopardprint rag rollers.And two sponge rollers in front.Glad my hair decided to be nice today.The shoe fetish pic.By the time I took my photos my little feet were red and swollen.I was going to the car show today so went and changed into something comfy.I will post the car show pics tomorrow.Happy St.Patricks

Love Yoli


  1. You look so petty!
    I love your hair, dress & Sweater. I hope you had a great St. Patrick's day.

  2. You look adorable! that's such a pretty outfit and your lipstick is gorgeous. x

  3. I love your green tulle dress!
    cardigan is so cute,pretty beads.
    your hair looks gorgeous with the cute green flowers Yoli. you did a great job on the roll.
    Oooo you rockin them Bettie heels.