Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lipstick Ewwwww

Hi everyone.Thought I would do a little post about Kate Moss's lipsticks.I have been after it a while and found it at walmart.And was super excited until I picked one up and it had been used.Then I noticed that every lipstick had no plastic seal wrapping on them so I kept picking up lipsticks and checking if they were used and almost every one of the tubes had been used.I don't know if this is just how Rimmel packages their Kate lipsticks or if some loser had nothing better to do than to unwarp every lipstick.but it looks as though they come un protected.So I have written Rimmel about this issue.I was upset to see this and not surprised walmart carries it like this.lol.I have heard great reviews about this lipstick but I think I will order it instead of buying in the store if it is sold in this way.The last thing I want on my lips is to share someones cold sores or other fungus.I will keep you posted what I hear back from Rimmel if I hear back.But was wondering if there are any ladies who use this lipstick who knows if this is the norm for it?Kate sure has pretty colors though.

Love Yoli


  1. I have never used it but I will check my walmart and let you know if they are all unwrapped. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen. YUCK!

  2. I know.I found maybe 2 tubes that hadn't been tested.But I took a pass.I am waiting on a response from them.

  3. That is gross! I hope you got your money back.
    I have never bought Rimmel always win the make up for free.