Sunday, March 25, 2012

My First Give Away

Hello everyone.As promised I have decided to hold my first give away.I would like to thank all my follwers for being part of my blog and for all the lovely comments you leave.This give away starts today March 25th and ends April 1st at midnight.The winner will be announced Monday the 2nd.Here are the rules to enter my give away.
The Rules:
1.Must be a follower.*don't just follow to win,please follow because you really like this blog and plan on being part of it like my other followers.*
2.Tell me how you found my blog?
3.Watch the video to see what the lucky glamour girl will win.
Thats all you have to do.Good luck everyone.xx

Love Yoli.xx


  1. Hi Yoli~
    I want to win!!
    Of course I am already a follower :-)
    I'm trying to remember how I found your blog...I'm pretty sure that you commented on someone else's blog (maybe Vintage Vixen?) and I saw your name & icon, and I just thought it looked cute so I clicked on it!
    I like your blog because you seem like a real and genuine person. Hope that doesn't sound weird?!

  2. Seems like thats how we all find each other.My blog list is so am super excited to finally be doing this.good luck.xx

  3. What fabulous prizes, Yoli! You are so generous!
    I found you through my friend La Dama's blog and I've been following you for ages.
    You are a natural in front of the camera! x

  4. Hello!!
    Can I JUST say I think this is one of the BEST blog giveaway's I have ever come across, I mean my goodness someone is going to get REALLY SPOILED.
    I think I found you through Little Rascal's page in her comment section. I liked your blog name so I came over to check out your blog. And I did a quick search and see I found you in your 3rd month of blogging. =D
    Great video and I love how your hair looks. I am going to look into those leopard hair thingies... HOW CUTE!

  5. How fun is this! I found your blog thru our friends ship on YT and FB :) Good luck to all!

  6. Thanks for this awesome giveaway Yoli! I found your blog through La Dama and as you know we've been following each other for quite a while now! I love the items you've got for the lucky winner - being in the UK we can't get half the makeup you get in the US so this is really exciting :D I NEED that Coney Island lipgloss purely because of it's name because it is my dream to one day visit Coney Island!! You can't go wrong with red nail polish.. especially China Glaze! Eeeek! Thanks again!

  7. Oh my , what gorgeous goodies!
    especially love the lippys and the China Glaze (salsa) shade...well everything. your very kind Yoli. adore the rose bag and hairspray too.
    Well you know ..I told your ass to start blogging your hair and make up skills off.
    Your doing a great job mi red headed step child!

  8. ha ha dora red headed step child.I am dyng everyone likes the goodies.I can't wait till sunday.

  9. Oh wow!! I love everything in your giveaway Yoli=) Especially the CG polish, I l-o-v-e China glaze!=) btw your hair is GORGE in this vid, i love pinup looks <3
    thank you for the chance=)
    oh i found your blog through google=) i was looking for vintage/pinup beauty blogs and you popped up:P

    in chace i won(haahah=D) here is my email addy: balintnati(at)gmail(dot)com

    thanks again=)

  10. Hey Miss Yoli, you know how I found you ! What a generous giveaway, wishing everyone good luck !

  11. Wow, that's a whole lotta loot! Count me in. I don't know how I find your blog or if you found me first? It's been a long time, hasn't it?


  12. we probably found each other through

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  14. This is a great giveaway. I really like the make up bag and nail polish colors. I heard about you through Dora.

  15. Yoli!! I think my post is finally going to work lol....I heard about your blog through you :)) Love the blog and your videos!! ='.'=