Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nails For St.Patricks Day

Hi everyone.Have the day off so I have been doing some deco on my nails.And with St.Patricks Day coming Saturday,thought it would be fun to do my nails for the occasion.So here they are.Sorry for the horrible quality of the photos.No matter what I set the camera on I just can't get a good photo for close ups.Hope you all like them.
Even on my nails I can't seem to get close to the pot of's sad it's a cute pot of gold sitting on grass.I used cha cha cha green by china glaze on the tips.Glitz and Glamour by orly to trim under the green.then used a black polish to draw the pot.I used glitz and glamour again to make the gold.and for the grass the cha cha cha again.I even made the gold spill on the grass and you can't see it very well cuz my camera this may be the clearest shot of all of the used the Emerald Sparkle for the clovers.I forgot I had this green.I think it would have been pretty on the tips of my nails but both look pretty.Total nail fail and photo fail.I hate the rainbow.My stripe right polishes are drying up so the paint went on thick,dried super fast and then the camera made it look well gives me an excuse to buy new little gold trimmed clover.I used emmerald sparkle again for the clover and trimmed it with the glitz and glamour when it dried

Hope everyone is having a great day.What is going to be your St.Patricks Day Frock?


  1. Oh they are sooo adorable! I love the little pot of gold! The green and gold tips are awesome, you must have such a steady hand! Have a great St. Paddys Day! xxx

  2. I love that name cha cha!
    the pot of gold is so perfectly drawn on.
    great job Yoli!
    I need something green,lol

  3. Thanks ladies.I love the cha cha green.I can't remember if it was one of their regular colors or a special one.I just dotted the gold color on the pot.I meant to do a tutorial but remember half way finishing my nails.:(

  4. Very cute nails! I just painted mine Orange lastnight... darnit I forgot about St. Pattys day!!! *lol*

  5. hee hee.since it's not till saturday we all have have to work tomorrow so my frock friday wil be saturdaylol.

  6. Those are adorable! I love the pot of gold. I'm inspired...I think I'll go give myself a fancy manicure :-)

  7. I love the shape of your nails. So elegant!