Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rimmel's Reply

I finally heard back from Rimmel about the packaging issues.Here is their reply.


Thank you for telling us about your dissatisfaction. We're sorry to hear you've had this experience with our Lasting Finish Lip - Kate Moss Collection.

Coty is dedicated to supporting superior quality products with world class service. We appreciate your time in letting us know our product's packaging did not meet your expectations. Your comments will be shared with the appropriate teams for consideration, as we constantly seek to improve the products and programs offered to our consumers.

We hope you will select and enjoy Coty brand fragrances, cosmetics, skin care, sun care and personal care products for your personal and gift giving needs, and we invite you to contact us with any additional questions or comments. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

Danielle Parrilla
Product Care Specialist
Coty Inc Global Consumer Affairs
1-800-715-4023 - Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, ET (US only)


  1. wow, so they actually don't wrap the lipsticks. I'm shocked because used lipsticks means that they are losing a lot of money. I wonder what percentage of that lipstick sits on the shelf and is thrown in the trash because no one wants to buy it? :( I hope that they take that into consideration in the future!

  2. I know.I am shocked.I think all their lipsticks had no wrapper not just kates.I am disappointed.It's gross thinking how many people each day that use them not even looking or thinking has someone else used it?guess I will have to order it if I decide to get some.What a waist.

  3. That's so gross! You're so right...I would never buy a lipstick (or really, any makeup product) that wasn't sealed. Think of the potential germs/diseases...ecchh!
    I think the company's response is pretty lame, too. It seems like a form letter. Oh, well, at least they replied at all :-/

  4. I thought the same about the decided against buying the lipstick all together.There are better ones can have.

  5. What a sucky letter!
    maybe someone in the store took off all the wrappers.
    I will check the Rimmel lipsticks at my fake Walmart.

  6. Lol.It does suck.They just brushed it over.Maybe someone has to get herpes for them to do something.I think they come like that.I am off to CVS later I am going to check if they sell it.Hitting sallys again for hair color so planning a drive