Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Schoop Scoop

Hi everyone.I have finally got two special items today.Two 1950's Moss lamps with Heidi Schoop figures on them.I am so in love with these lamps I can't even describe it.One is a radio and the other as you can see is a clock.Both are in prefect working condition.The radio lamp I found at my new favorite antique shop when I purchased my dresser Lilly.I put it on layway almost 2 weeks ago.So today I have been waiting to pay the rest of the amount and pick it up.But first I had to wait for Mr UPS to bring the clock lamp.The clock lamp I found on ebay the day I put the other on layaway.Since it had no shade I thought I would browse Ebay for a shade to go with it.And what a shock to see the clock lamp staring at me,putting me in that buy me now trance.Now this is the lamp I mentioned in the last post about the radio that I had found on ebay but with in a few hurs it had disappeared so I thought someone got it quick.A few days later I was checking ebay again for a shade, and the lamp was back.I imediatley put it on watch.I was determined to have it and have a set of lamps.
Anyway right after I clicked watch I saw local pick up only and it was is california.My heart sank again.I really wanted this lamp so sent the seller a messege that I was really interested in this lamp and if she would consider selling it to me and I knew shipping would be expensive.The lady was very nice about it.She could have said"hey dumb dumb,can't you read?It says local pick up! But she was very nice and we worked it out and she sent it UPS.It arrived today in a ginormous box.filled to the rim with the white peanuts.It was so big I almost fell had dig for the lamp and shade.I am sure my dogs were laughing at me.The lamp was wrapped in loads of bubble wrap and taped up I could almost not unwrap it.Lol.But finally got it all unwraped and put together,So here is the lamp the kind lady sent me.
So pretty.I need to set the
Under the base in a little lightbulb and it lights the base pink.The radio needs a lightbulb so once i get somebulbs I will take pics.
Just love the figures and it looks so pretty with the black.

This is the radio lamp.Just love her dress with the collar.

Here is some history about Mrs Schoop.I found it on yahoo so I hope no one gets mad at me if it's theirs.

Hedi Schoop was born in Switzerland and an accomplished dancer in Germany, married to a well-known composer, Frederick Hollander. In 1933 Schoop and her husband fled Nazi Germany. After settling in Hollywood she began experimenting first in plaster and later in pottery, and soon became one of Califoria's most respected manufacturers of ceramic products.
Almost all the pieces produced at Schoop's North Hollywood factory were personally designed and modeled by Hedi. The most popular lines were the figurines of men and women...European and Asian couples in native attire, Hawaiian hula dancers and American debutantes. Besides the human figures Hedi Schoop produced animal figurines, vases, planters, candlesticks, ashtrays, and more...often these articles formed coordinated sets of items.
Business thrived in the 1950s, but a disastrous fire destroyed her factory in 1958. Schoop chose not to rebuild, instead selling some of her molds to other local manufacturers, and doing some design work for The California Cleminsons. Hedi Schoop retired from the pottery business in the early sixtiesI am really happy to have this little set of lamp.And lilly like keeping them safe.So now just need new shades.Does anyone have any schoop?I would love to see them.

Love Yoli


  1. Yoli, those lamps are so gorgeous and unique.
    I do love the poodles! It was fate that you found another . how nice of the lady to send you the lamp.

  2. Thanks I still can't believe I found the have been lucky

  3. Oh wow two is always better than one right? *lol*
    They are both VERY LOVELY, what cool finds.

  4. OMG they are AMAZING! How fabulous to find the pair!! Sarah xxx

    PS Hon, I'll send you my first born if you remove Word Verification from comments - it's AWFUL and I promise you won't get spam if you remove it. PLEASE!!

  5. How do you remove it.I tried the other day and couldn't figure it out.

  6. God, I absolutely love them , they were worth every penny. You are so lucky to own something as fabulous. xxx
    PS Dashboard - Settings - Select the tab labelled "Comments" - Scroll down to "Show Word Verification for comments", click on "No" - Save

  7. These lamps are beautiful and a great find! My Name is Mark and I am a member of and have been asked to contact the owner of these lamps for photos and information for the museum website. I can be contacted directly at Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks!