Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shopping Saturday

Hello everyone.Today has been a failed day of shopping.My friend and I had planned a shopping day but she wasn't able to make it.And it has been raining all day.We plan on rescheduling.So I decided to go to forever 21 and get some things I had my eye on.Only downer was I should have gotten them when I saw them two weeks ago.Everything I was after was gone apart from one pair of wide leg pants.Oh well better then getting forgot it was saturday and all the phsyco shoppers would be out.That store was tore up.I hate when people drop things on the floor and leave them.People can be such slobs when they shop.So here is fail number 1.My graffic tee.It's not vintage but I want one cuz it's true.I will try to order it if I can get the check out section to work for me.
It will be mine.

Got these wide leg navy pants for $6.99.They are almost highwaisted.And they are so cute.

Wide legs.needs an

I got two other things but they are part of my give away so they are secret.
My outfit for todays nasty weather.My pose looks like I have to

My hair.Decided on red headed jean harlow in a t colored my hair yesterday.So glad to be able to look in the mirror and not be frightened by all the grey.

Now before I end this post,I have some good news.Tomorrow I will post about my giveaway.It is my first one and will start tomorrow and go on till next sunday.So keep checking tomorrow for my how to enter rules.And what the lucky winner is going to recieve.Hope everyone had a nice saturday.xx

Love Yoli


  1. I hope you get that shirt online.
    You look so cute in your pics and I love your hairstyle Yoli!

  2. Thanks.I gave up on the shirt they wanted me to do an account with the USPS site and I have never had to do that ever ordering online.worried they were scamming me.Don't forget to enter my give away.xx

  3. You look cute Yoli. love your jeans.
    what cute high waisted pants,very 40's style.
    I used buy a lot of Forever 21 clothes but then they started making all the clothes to small for me. Did you know there is one in UK?