Friday, April 27, 2012

Last Sunday Shopping

Hello again.Sorry my posts are random.Been running around as usual.Last weekend in wilmington we decided to stay around and check out the antique stores and other places.I miss living there.We are going to try to move  back there when hubby gets to work here.Speaking of that we finally have out appointment with immigration for wed the 2nd.I am very nervous about it.And I am sure by the time me and Dora are finished we will be pros at immigration didn't buy much and definatley found main store I wanted to go to I saw was gone and went into panic mode but found out she just moved her locaton.So plan on making a visit when we go back for out anniversary.Here are the things I did buy ,well hubby bought,from my favorite stores.

I got these cute little chinese shoes for $8.00.I plan on getting more when we go back.I used to wear these in the 80'

Cute little coin purse for $1.00.It matches my

We went to loads of antique stores.I found lots of planters but decided to hold off buying them all for the anniversary weekend.So just bought this cute donkey planter for $5.00.Can you believe my shop aholic self only bought 3 things?lol.Hope everyone has a great weekend.I will have to do outfits of the weekend.I was busy today and missed out on my frock friday post.xx

Love Yoli

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rims On The River

Hello Hello.Just a  post from this past weekend.Hubby and I went to Wilmington the Rims On The River weekender.Though we didn't get there till around 9 pm.We missed the vendors and all the lovely cars.Waaaah.But we saw some great bands.So here are some photos from the bands.

Hardys like to

Hubby and his giant

Forgot the name of this band.They were pretty good.
Funny poses

The drummer is back there

The Belmont Playboys.They were really good.




The main band I wanted to see.Southern Culture on the Skids.They are amazing.They remind me of the B52's.

How cute is she?I loved her hair.

Why are drummers always hidden away?lol.
We had loads of fun that night.If you haven't seen them play it is a must.Enjoy their music in the videos below.They aren't from last weekends show but they are a couple of my favorites.

House Of Bamboo.Love this.

Camel Walk

Love Yoli

Friday, April 20, 2012

Roses Are Red

Hello everyone.Yay it's friday.I had the day off so I was able to post my pretty dress that I bought for $10.00 at a consignment store.This is the one I posted in a few blog posts before.Hubby didn't like this dress.But I think Rita Hayworth would have liked it.

It fits perfect but a little big in the top part.I can fix it or get me some bigger

Had the hardest time posing.My heels kept sinking into the ground.
Hee hee you can see my nobby knees.But I just love this dress.Looks better off the hanger.
My red shoes.Love them.Hope everyone has a nice weekend.xx

Love Yoli.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Balm is The Bomb

Hello everyone.Hope everyone has had a nice weekend.I had a nice weekend with my hubby,Antiquing,and hanging out at Suck Bang Blow.I am very behind on posting my shopping goodies.So thought I would post this purchase of The Balm products I bought at TJMaxx when me and my friend Samantha went shopping.Here is a link to all of their beautiful goodies.
First was this cute little kit by The Balm.Just love the pinup style illistration of the packaging.Especially the leopard print.Who doesn't love leopardprint?It came with mascara,two eye shadows,a glitter powder,and the eye make up remover.I think the kit was on clearance for $5 something.maybe $10.

Cute little eye shadow.This shade is called Shameless Shana.Very pretty light shimmer brown.

The next shadow is called Caught in the act Courtney.A coffee brown shimmer.The little container next to it with the cute pinup is a golden shimmer dust.It is gorgeous.
Next is their volumizing black mascara called Cheater.This stuff is amazing,and I am excited the brush grips my lashes and it doesn't smudge,or flake.
On the back is the names of the other mascaras.From top to bottom they are.Vince Volume,Donnie Dark Coat,Thomas Thick,Lance Long Lash.I want them all.
The next kit was the You're giving me a complexion.It is a concealer kit.I haven't tried it yet.It was $29.99.Yikes.I think it was a mistake but it was the last one so I payed the high

Sooo cute.

First the translucent powder.I just love the packaging.

Very light shade.Looks so soft.

The green tube is a spot concealer.
Another concealer.I guess it is an over all concealer.

The shade is medium.

And a tinted moisturizer.Shade medium.I wear light/ medium but the medium will work for the summer when I am in the sun more.

Here is a little video of me trying out The Balms eye makeup remover Balms Away.Enjoy.xx

Friday, April 13, 2012

Flea Market Friday

Hello everyone.Sorry I have no frock post for today.I think my cold is coming back and felt to yucky to frock myself.But managed to go head stuffed to the flea market with my hubby and my dad..I think we may go back tomorrow cuz I found some jewelry I really wanted.This is what my hubby got me.All 3 for 7 dollars.Weee.
This adorable poodle planter.She was $9.00 or free.
Wook at her widdle face.She needs a name.

 Cat salt and pepper shakers.They were $6.00.Not sure the guy made a mistake cuz he was on the phone when he rung us up or he was being cool,I think he was being cool to give me all three for $7.00.Hope everyone has had a great

Love Yoli.xx

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Last Wednesday's Antique Finds

Hello Everyone.Been meaning to post about my antique finds from last wednesday.I dragged hubby to the place where I got my dresser Lilly.And this is what I found.

Remember a few posts back I said I would love to have Rita Hayworth paper dolls?Well I am so excited to finally have some.I got this full set for $12.00.
The Loves Of Carmen is one of my favorite movies by Rita.And she was in a cabinet among a bunch of beauty items and jewelry.I saw her and imediatley called the owner.How much for Rita.She is my idol so I intended on bringing her home.Let's look inside.Ooh two lovely Ritas.
Rita doll #1
Rita doll #2
Some outfits were already cut out .Who ever had this before me took very good care of her.Not one outfit already cut out was torn.That was good.
Gonna call this the La Dama *Dora* dress.:)

Also inside were 5 extra sheets of beautiful dresses.And here they are.
My camera doesn't do these sheets justice at all.the colors are very vibrant and look brand new.

I love this one.

I wish I could make these my

I got this one book end from the guy for $12.00 or $16.00.Can't remember.But I am going to make it a wall plaque.It has to pieces of metal hook like things on the back so going to have hubby bend them so I can hook wire or strong string to it.She is so glamorous.I have had my eye on her since my purchase of lilly.
We went to another place and I got this cute Mr Hare planter for $5.oo.they had this thing if you found the hidden ruby slipper you got $5.00 of your purchase.I didn't find it.:(
Mr Hare still has

I didn't find the slipper but I found him.Mr.Lamb for $5.00.Love him.
Mr.Lambs cart.

Last shop before going home was a cute little thrift store.I got this cute black dress for $10.00.It's not vintage but has a 40's look to it.It reminded me of Walace Simpson or bette davis.Hubby doesn't like this dress.What do men know anyway?lol.
Love the flowey sleeves.And I like they are split.
I like the small little holes that sit on top of the shoulders.I will have to do photos wearing it.The hanger doesn't wear it
Grrrr can't see the pretty pleats in the front.
The back.It really is a pretty dress.I will have to wear it so you can see all the pretty feautres.

Love Yoli xxx