Monday, April 16, 2012

The Balm is The Bomb

Hello everyone.Hope everyone has had a nice weekend.I had a nice weekend with my hubby,Antiquing,and hanging out at Suck Bang Blow.I am very behind on posting my shopping goodies.So thought I would post this purchase of The Balm products I bought at TJMaxx when me and my friend Samantha went shopping.Here is a link to all of their beautiful goodies.
First was this cute little kit by The Balm.Just love the pinup style illistration of the packaging.Especially the leopard print.Who doesn't love leopardprint?It came with mascara,two eye shadows,a glitter powder,and the eye make up remover.I think the kit was on clearance for $5 something.maybe $10.

Cute little eye shadow.This shade is called Shameless Shana.Very pretty light shimmer brown.

The next shadow is called Caught in the act Courtney.A coffee brown shimmer.The little container next to it with the cute pinup is a golden shimmer dust.It is gorgeous.
Next is their volumizing black mascara called Cheater.This stuff is amazing,and I am excited the brush grips my lashes and it doesn't smudge,or flake.
On the back is the names of the other mascaras.From top to bottom they are.Vince Volume,Donnie Dark Coat,Thomas Thick,Lance Long Lash.I want them all.
The next kit was the You're giving me a complexion.It is a concealer kit.I haven't tried it yet.It was $29.99.Yikes.I think it was a mistake but it was the last one so I payed the high

Sooo cute.

First the translucent powder.I just love the packaging.

Very light shade.Looks so soft.

The green tube is a spot concealer.
Another concealer.I guess it is an over all concealer.

The shade is medium.

And a tinted moisturizer.Shade medium.I wear light/ medium but the medium will work for the summer when I am in the sun more.

Here is a little video of me trying out The Balms eye makeup remover Balms Away.Enjoy.xx


  1. I love the packaging! Adorable, and I completely agree with you about the leopard :-)
    I hope the products are as good as the packaging!
    I really miss having a TJ Maxx near where I live now...I used to find great stuff there all the time! Now all I have is a really lame Ross, although I did find some cute Vans sneakers with cherries on them there the other day!

  2. So far all the products are great.The eye shadows are beautiful and true to the color in the package.I hate when they look pretty in the package and look different on.Ross has gone down hill.I used to find great stuff there.TjMaxx is my favorite.

  3. Oh that make up is so cutesy
    what a bargain!
    I would of bought it all just for the pin up package.
    I am eyeing that cheater mascara.
    Great review"
    love your pink Pajamas.