Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Good Friday

Hello everyone.So glad it's Friday,and it's good Friday so thought I would post a frock photo.I took this pic on Monday cuz I normally have to work Fridays and end up missing my frock friday posts.And my hubby is back, so wasn't sure what we would be up to.I have the day off and we are going to Myrtle Beaches first rockabilly weekender.It's cold and raining so I will post the frocks and fun this weekend.So here is what I wore on Monday it started raining as soon as we started taking kitty protected my hair.

Red highwaisted pants from hubby.Top from hot topic a few years ago.Shoes from Matalan.Hello Kitty umbrella from target.
My hair was a went into the rolls the first try.Normally with my silky hair there are a few tries with frustration and cursing before it does what I want it everyone has a great Friday.And don't forget to enter the give away.It ends this weekend and the winner is announced Sunday.All you have to do is be a follower ,tell me how you found my blog,and watch the video in the post below about the giveaway.Good luck everyone.xx.Oh before I forget.I finally convinced my friend Samantha to start a blog so please check her out and follow her.She has great tutorials and things.We went shopping last weekend and I still have to post about that go check her out ladies.

Love Yoli


  1. I think I had the same blouse a few yeas back. I loved that blouse. You're hair looks great!

    1. oh i love your hair, i tried this rolls many times with my hair when it was longer too, but well most of the time i failed badly because my hair always does what it want grrr
      oh and your red highwaisted pants are gorgous too!
      love and kiss,mary

  2. Thanks ladies.My bangs are still growing so I have to tease the daylights out of the to help get them to stay in the roll.And I roll the bangs backwards i pink sponge rollers to have the roll shape.seems to be helping now.

  3. gorgeous! Wish I could get mine as good as that!

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  5. I adore that top (leopard lover), and those vivid red pants are amazing! You look fabulous!

    And I know what you mean about the victory rolls..if anyone heard me whilst doing my hair, they'd think I was for sure a truck driver/ Yours turned out fab!

    Love your blog; it's beautiful!

    PS - I love visiting 'cause your music selection is the BEST. I love 'I Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded'..brings me joy!

  6. Your hair looks stunning Yoli!
    OOOOO You got your Hubby back?!?! *yaya yay yay* You must be so happy.

    p.s. I have a small obsession with Hello Kitty.. and its getting WORSE. lol

  7. Yoli,
    Love, love your gorgeous rolls!Oooo I want thatleopard top,I'm stealing it.
    Those red hot pants are stunning and make you look taller.
    That's the cutest Hello Kitty umbrella I ever did see.