Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Last Wednesday's Antique Finds

Hello Everyone.Been meaning to post about my antique finds from last wednesday.I dragged hubby to the place where I got my dresser Lilly.And this is what I found.

Remember a few posts back I said I would love to have Rita Hayworth paper dolls?Well I am so excited to finally have some.I got this full set for $12.00.
The Loves Of Carmen is one of my favorite movies by Rita.And she was in a cabinet among a bunch of beauty items and jewelry.I saw her and imediatley called the owner.How much for Rita.She is my idol so I intended on bringing her home.Let's look inside.Ooh two lovely Ritas.
Rita doll #1
Rita doll #2
Some outfits were already cut out .Who ever had this before me took very good care of her.Not one outfit already cut out was torn.That was good.
Gonna call this the La Dama *Dora* dress.:)

Also inside were 5 extra sheets of beautiful dresses.And here they are.
My camera doesn't do these sheets justice at all.the colors are very vibrant and look brand new.

I love this one.

I wish I could make these my

I got this one book end from the guy for $12.00 or $16.00.Can't remember.But I am going to make it a wall plaque.It has to pieces of metal hook like things on the back so going to have hubby bend them so I can hook wire or strong string to it.She is so glamorous.I have had my eye on her since my purchase of lilly.
We went to another place and I got this cute Mr Hare planter for $5.oo.they had this thing if you found the hidden ruby slipper you got $5.00 of your purchase.I didn't find it.:(
Mr Hare still has

I didn't find the slipper but I found him.Mr.Lamb for $5.00.Love him.
Mr.Lambs cart.

Last shop before going home was a cute little thrift store.I got this cute black dress for $10.00.It's not vintage but has a 40's look to it.It reminded me of Walace Simpson or bette davis.Hubby doesn't like this dress.What do men know anyway?lol.
Love the flowey sleeves.And I like they are split.
I like the small little holes that sit on top of the shoulders.I will have to do photos wearing it.The hanger doesn't wear it
Grrrr can't see the pretty pleats in the front.
The back.It really is a pretty dress.I will have to wear it so you can see all the pretty feautres.

Love Yoli xxx


  1. wow! That Rita dress-up set was amazing! You're so lucky! I love the little bookend too.

  2. Great finds!!! Isn't it the most fun to come home with a load of great stuff that you got for next to nothing?
    Those Rita dolls are amazing! I've never seen The Loves of Carmen...I'll have to see if they have it on Netflix or else wait for TCM to play it someday!

  3. I am so jealous of your paper dolls!!! Blooming amaxing :o) Scarlett x

  4. what would be cool is to have the Rita paper dolls from all of her movies.I could play all

  5. The Rita paper dolls are amazing and so you ! What a find

  6. Thanks Jaede.You need a blog missy.All your beauty and outfits.xx

  7. Great finds Yoli! The Rita dolls are amazing!

  8. Oh my the Rita paper dolls set is amazing!
    love the Mexi-looking dress too.
    there goes that gorgeous dress again, I'm glad you bought looks stunning on ya.
    that hare planter and lamb are so adorable. You been having good luck finding little cutesy figurines.