Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rims On The River

Hello Hello.Just a  post from this past weekend.Hubby and I went to Wilmington the Rims On The River weekender.Though we didn't get there till around 9 pm.We missed the vendors and all the lovely cars.Waaaah.But we saw some great bands.So here are some photos from the bands.

Hardys like to

Hubby and his giant

Forgot the name of this band.They were pretty good.
Funny poses

The drummer is back there

The Belmont Playboys.They were really good.




The main band I wanted to see.Southern Culture on the Skids.They are amazing.They remind me of the B52's.

How cute is she?I loved her hair.

Why are drummers always hidden away?lol.
We had loads of fun that night.If you haven't seen them play it is a must.Enjoy their music in the videos below.They aren't from last weekends show but they are a couple of my favorites.

House Of Bamboo.Love this.

Camel Walk

Love Yoli


  1. Glad your getting to go out too weekenders.
    Your Leopard top is so pretty. Your rolls look beautiful.

  2. I'm trying.There is a weekender coming in july but not sure pete will be here.hope he will be.I love that had to wear it