Friday, April 20, 2012

Roses Are Red

Hello everyone.Yay it's friday.I had the day off so I was able to post my pretty dress that I bought for $10.00 at a consignment store.This is the one I posted in a few blog posts before.Hubby didn't like this dress.But I think Rita Hayworth would have liked it.

It fits perfect but a little big in the top part.I can fix it or get me some bigger

Had the hardest time posing.My heels kept sinking into the ground.
Hee hee you can see my nobby knees.But I just love this dress.Looks better off the hanger.
My red shoes.Love them.Hope everyone has a nice weekend.xx

Love Yoli.


  1. oh gosh darling you are stunning! i love your hair and that dress is so amazing on you! i think you are the most beautiful rose in the garden;)
    love and kiss,mary

  2. Hubby is clearly mad and that dress is bloody GORGEOUS and you look like a total movie star goddess in it! Honestly, could you be any more divine??? Sarah xxx

  3. Yoli,
    I love this little black dress has a 40's Rita look.
    Pete needs glasses! This frock is so pretty like a nightie. I think it fits you perfectly beautiful.

  4. Bargain dress and looks amazing on you :o) Scarlett x

  5. How can your hubby not like this fabulous frock? Is he blind?! I think it looks lovely and you have some lush flowers in your garden too! :)

  6. I see no problem with this dress at all. Its gorgeous, on you or off you and the black is perfect for any occasion. I bet you get good reactions to it in public.

  7. Fab dress u look great i love the garden to. Kiss from Dublin xx Leo.