Thursday, May 31, 2012

Work Work Work

Sorry I have slacked off again blogging and visiting all my favorite blogs.Been working loads,and end up super tired when I get home.Also Hubby dropped my camera and broke it.We were taking photos downtown on memorial day.He went to grab the camera when I went to hand it to him and jetta started trying to chase a car,so when she jerked the leash my hubby missed the camera.So frock posts may be a while.Till I get a new camera.but my card works in his camera so I can do that too.Atleast I can get a new camera.Any suggestions on a good one for close ups and video?I love Nikon but thinking I may change brands.I will post my memorial day photos tomorrow if I get a chance,We had a nice day.Hope everyone has had a nice week.It's over already and it's the last day of school already for the summer.Hubby goes back to England the end of June.I am trying not to think about it.I want to go back with him.Well thats what has been going on for me.Hope everyone has a nice weekend.I was supposed to be off saturday but now have to work so hope to get a frock post in.Later sweet

Love Yoli xxxx

Friday, May 25, 2012

Yay It's Friday

Happy Friday.Here is my outfit.A cute little yellow dress I got at a flea market for $10.00.I don't think it's vintage,but home made.It was to cute not to get.And as usual the top is to will have to alter it.

My hair and flowers.
Other side.

My shoes.From Ebay for $5.00.From hubby.

And finally my very first hair tutorial.Enjoy.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Day Off

Finally have the day off,so I set my hair last night in my rag rollers.I wanted to leave lots of curl so didn't do alot of brushing.Then added my flower clips.little white baby roses.Got them at Claires.

They are so cute.

Got my top at forever 21.Love the green.

Thought I would wear my Freddies jeans with my top.Nice and comfy.

Sitting in front of my dads tomato and pepper plants.And Titus back there

The sun was bright and hot as usual.

Love the bows on my cute.

Damn it.I broke the nail on my middle finger this morning while grabbing a towel.Nail polish is Hey Sailor by China Glaze.

My little flats from charlotte Rouse.

I gave hubby a haircut and he gave me a kiss.The camera cut the top of his head

Love Yoli

No One Messes With The Do

I forgot to post these last month.Ooopsie.I had done a video on my youtube channel,and took pics for my blog after.Basic curls done with my green sponge rollers.I didn't do a photo of my outfit.I forgot.But I am wearing my Hilo Hattie top.

Took my glasses of for my

Love Yoli

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Look At My Goodies

Here is a little video of some goodies I bought and other

Love Yoli

May Wedding

Hubby and I went to my brother n laws wedding on may 5th.They had a cute 50's style wedding.I did the make up for the bride and brides maids so made sure my hair and make up was done before I got there.Lol.It was at an old plantation house that has been turned into a diner theater.The house was could feel the history inside and also the heat.
After I finished everyones make up it was time for me to get dressed.I have had this dress about 10 years and it was my first time wearing it.I am surprised it still aso wore my bullet bra and girdle.Try putting a girdle on in the heat of a small bathroom when your trying not to swear I started feeling faint trying to squeeze into it with the heat.I also wore my seamed stockings.they didn't want to co operate sticking to my legs they also wanted to slide down cuz they are so silky plus my stick legs are not supportive.ha ha.but Finally got myself together.Here are some pics from the fun.I didn't take many.

The bride and groom.

The Dance

Even had Elvis entertaining us.

Me and Hubby.I was laughing that my mom in the back ground looks like she is giving someone and evil stare or evil my dad next to her.he was probably getting on her nerves.they always nit pick each other and we call them the lockhorns like the

My niece Luna.She was a brides maid she loved her make up I did.

My neice Anna and my son

My nephew Sully cute.

Margarita fountain.

Max and his signature

Me and my sister.My make up had melted by

Me and hubby decided to match.:)

Waiting for the fun.this was earlier just after the wedding.

Some one took this photo of me and my son Max just waiting.they tagged it to my face book.It is my favorite cuz we are not posing.I love how my son is just combing his hair.I must have been people

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

RIP Vidal Sassoon

Vidal Sassoon has been one of my inspirations of being a hair designer.He went way beyond the beauty world,with his products,hair tools fashions and everything else.Vidal Sassoon passed away today at the age of 84.He will be missed.I used to love his hair styling products.And  have a few curling irons.They still was always amazed by his hair shows and the cuts and styles he created.He was definatley one of a kind.

Love this photo of Andy Warhol.

Monday, May 7, 2012

So So Busy

Hello everyone.Soooo sorry for the lack of posts.My job has me working so much I have been to tired to post.I'm even behind on my English soaps.Saturday we were at a wedding.Last wed we went to Charleston for our Immigration appointment.It was a quick 10 min with the forms we had ready to go.The nice lady gave us more forms,a list of doctors that do the medical exam my hubby has to get and of course the total cost of it all when we finish now the goal is to get everything finished and sent off by the second week of June.They gave us no set date but I am making us one so we can get it done finally.Hubby goes back to England the end of June and she said it's going to take 4 to 6 months to be approved.So fingers crossed by christmas he is here for good.
So after that quick visit we decided to spend the day downtown.I bought some things.Nothing major.First I found a tiny perfume store.Everything reminded me of the victorian era.And she had angels and beautiful paintings of Mary hanging up and lovely music playing.I felt like I was in a catholic church.Here is what I got in her lovely store.She also sold antique vanity items.I plan on going back.

This pretty rose cologne.Just love the bottle and label.It smells so pretty.

Rose water insence sticks.Rose is my favorite sent.

Hand made rose water soap.I can't wait to try it.

Next we went into the moon pie general store.Yep I wanted to eat everything.This is what I bought.

I bought this big box of moon pies.My husband says they are like englands wagon

I got this RC Cola that came with a free moon pie.I killed the moon pie when I got home.

These lollies were funny but I didn't get one.

Next we went to my favorite vintage clothing store The Exchange Factor.I needed a bag to go with my dress for the wedding so I got this one.

Lighting in the room sucks.But I love the little beads.It heald all my things for the wedding.I think I payed $15.00 but can't

I also got this little top.I think it may be early 60's who knows.They hardly had any 40's and 50's things.That may have been a good probably would have bought it all.


Buttons down the back.

Thats my shopping in Charleston.I will post more from our day tomorrow if I am not to tired.I'm still trying to get used to 40 hours a week and I end up so tired I go to bed around everyone has had a nice weekend.xx

Love Yoli