Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Day Off

Finally have the day off,so I set my hair last night in my rag rollers.I wanted to leave lots of curl so didn't do alot of brushing.Then added my flower clips.little white baby roses.Got them at Claires.

They are so cute.

Got my top at forever 21.Love the green.

Thought I would wear my Freddies jeans with my top.Nice and comfy.

Sitting in front of my dads tomato and pepper plants.And Titus back there

The sun was bright and hot as usual.

Love the bows on my cute.

Damn it.I broke the nail on my middle finger this morning while grabbing a towel.Nail polish is Hey Sailor by China Glaze.

My little flats from charlotte Rouse.

I gave hubby a haircut and he gave me a kiss.The camera cut the top of his head

Love Yoli

1 comment:

  1. I love your little bow top Yoli!
    the white little roses are gorgeous.
    I'm in love with your Charlotte shoes.
    I always break my nails on my right hand the most.I like the name "Hey sailor" polish.