Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Look At My Goodies

Here is a little video of some goodies I bought and other ramblings.lol.Enjoy.xx

Love Yoli


  1. Happy Anniversary Yoli & Hubby.
    Rose scented stuff is so yummy! I adore your bow sweater your guy bought you. And your $6 top purchases were real bargains.
    The hair flowers are so cute and those glittery makeup brushes are dazzling.

  2. Thanks.I can't wait for the weekend.we are getting away.back to wilmington NC.

  3. Happy Anniversary Yoli!
    Hope you guys get away from all the madness.
    First of all I adore your cute sweater bargains.
    The rose colonia and soaps is a fave scent of mine. The glittery eyeshadow pallet and the shiny make up brushes so very Art Deco.
    You found lots of great sales and treasures.
    I want to a hair tut vid okay.