Thursday, May 31, 2012

Work Work Work

Sorry I have slacked off again blogging and visiting all my favorite blogs.Been working loads,and end up super tired when I get home.Also Hubby dropped my camera and broke it.We were taking photos downtown on memorial day.He went to grab the camera when I went to hand it to him and jetta started trying to chase a car,so when she jerked the leash my hubby missed the camera.So frock posts may be a while.Till I get a new camera.but my card works in his camera so I can do that too.Atleast I can get a new camera.Any suggestions on a good one for close ups and video?I love Nikon but thinking I may change brands.I will post my memorial day photos tomorrow if I get a chance,We had a nice day.Hope everyone has had a nice week.It's over already and it's the last day of school already for the summer.Hubby goes back to England the end of June.I am trying not to think about it.I want to go back with him.Well thats what has been going on for me.Hope everyone has a nice weekend.I was supposed to be off saturday but now have to work so hope to get a frock post in.Later sweet

Love Yoli xxxx


  1. What a shame about the camera. Have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing your Memorial Day photos. x

  2. Oh no your camera broke!
    Nikon is a great brand, you should try them out at the stores.
    Good luck!

  3. Mine was a nikon.I have been using petes and I found one at best buy I like.Got payed yesterday but going to wait till the next pay day to get a new one.Get them to show me how to work it so I don't have to read the