Friday, May 25, 2012

Yay It's Friday

Happy Friday.Here is my outfit.A cute little yellow dress I got at a flea market for $10.00.I don't think it's vintage,but home made.It was to cute not to get.And as usual the top is to will have to alter it.

My hair and flowers.
Other side.

My shoes.From Ebay for $5.00.From hubby.

And finally my very first hair tutorial.Enjoy.



  1. What a cute frock, who cares if it's vintage if it looks good? Your hair & make up is beautiful, too! have a fab weekend. xxx

  2. Very cute dress!
    Even if it's not vintage it does have a vintage look to it.
    Your red shoes are so cute. (What a great price.)
    Also your hair looks great.

  3. I love how yellow looks on you, you should wear it more often. red shoes are gorgeous.
    Great hair tutorial! I like your swirls.

  4. Your shoes are hot! And that dress is super cute. Would look even sexier altered, I agree.