Sunday, June 24, 2012

Things I Bought Lately

Hello everyone.Sorry about my neglected blog.Work work work as always.So since I have no camera I have been using my hubby's for now.He leaves back to England wednsday and I am not looking forward to it.We have been out shopping here and there when I am actually off so thought I better snap some pics to share before I have no camera at

I work in an outlet store .It's kind of like Matalan in the UK.Spotted this cute dress on the rack while straightening the store and said's a cute 50's style dress.zips on the side size 8 not sure what that is in UK sizes.I wear small or size 2 and it runs small and fits perfect apart from the top as usual.But I can alter it.

It's nice and flowers with slight pleats.Just love the roses on it.

went to an antique store I spotted during bike week and got these patterns for $1.00 each.Love the skirt and cute shorts.

 Looks like a 70's pattern but I think I can pull off the 40's with the pants and jacket with the cute tie belt.

Cute sundress .

I think these would be to cute.

They had lots of vintage jewelry for cheap but I didn't have alot of cash on me so got these cute clip ons.

Went to my sisters in Charleston yesterday and we wanted to buy everything.These shoes were normally 21.99 I got them for 6.99.I just love them.

Love the cute little heels and the bow .

Hope everyone has had a good weekend.xx

Love Yoli

Friday, June 15, 2012

Meet Kitty Spice

Hello everyone.I would like to introduce our new baby to the family.My son Max found this poor baby kitty abandoned at the school across the street from our house.We tired to find a home for it but  no luck.This morning she was still on our porch and I fell for her squeeks and snuggles.I get payed this week so taking her to the vet to make sure she is ok and get her shots.Who ever dumped her is a big fat jerk and they broke her little tail as well.Makes me sick what people do to animals they can't take care of.She is a sweet kitty.she wants to be held al the time and she likes to climb my shirt and snuggle in my are some photos.My son named her Spice.

Her poor little tail.:(

sitting on my lap.

climbing up my

purring and pawing my made herself right at home and we are happy to have her.Have a nice weekend.

Love Yoli xx

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Judy Garland

I would like to send a big Happy Birthday to Judy Garland.She would have been 90 today.I have all my movies ready and my skinny girl matgaritas.Also TCM is having all day movies marathon so what I don't have I will be watching on Birthday to a beautiful lady with those gorgeous doe eyes and beautiful voice.Enjoy some videos of my favs.xx

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tale Of Three Kitties

While waiting for the car show to start the other day,I went into one of my favorite antique stores downtown.I got this cute little mamma and her two kitties.I have had my eye on it a while and decided to get it since I had a dream about it the night before.Guess it was saying come and get'm always dreaming silly stuff like that.I will be in an old house I have bought and find hidden rooms full of antiques,or I am in a store and find beautiful stuff.I haven't been antiquing or flea marketing in a while,because I am trying to force myself to save for the amount we will have to pay immigration.So since I got payed I treated myself.So here is a pic of my kitty.It's made in Japan.

I love the furry hair and the glasses.It reminds me of me my sons max and she was 14.94 but I got it for 12.00.I have her sitting on my dresser with my heidi schoop lamps.Hope everyone is having a nice saturday.

Love Yoli

Friday, June 8, 2012

Classic Cruise In

Yesterday was a small car show downtown so we decided to go.It was fun but mostly old people.As usual I was the only one dressed cuz there is no scene here.Oh well at least i'm not wearing flip

My dress is drom ebay.Another one that never gets to see daylight cuz I have no

Loved this green car.

Inside.Just beautiful.

Just love the seats and the cute dice manual door

Me and hubby.

Jetta  was looking at

Elvis and me.

Jetta liked Elvis.She gave him a

I want one of these so bad.I just love them.But I want a pink sparkle one.

So graceful looking.

This car was amazing.

Hope everyone has a nice Friday

Love Yoli

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jubilee For Me

Got off work early yesterday so dragged hubby to target to look at new cameras.We went to Best Buy first and  I found the one I want there but I wanted to look at what target had.I found a camera there too but I plan on the one at Best Buy.Anyway I spotted straight away this lovely box set.I love it.

Inside were four DVD's.

The first DVD is about the start of the Windsor family up to the abdication of King Edward VIII.

The second DVD is about King George VI after his brothers abdication .Becoming King up to his death and Elizabeth becoming Queen.

The third DVD is about Elizabeth becoming queen and the preparation of her coronation.

The last DVD I haven't watched yet.I will keep you posted.I really enjoyed the first three.This set is one of many dvd's I have on the queen and other family members.I know more about England than I do America.
Hope everyone is having a good day.I have the day off and going to go to an antique car show and see some bands downtown.Time to get dolled up.

Love Yoli

Monday, June 4, 2012

Jubilee Nails

Hello everyone.Since I am not in England enjoying the Queens jubilee festivities,I did my nails.Here is a step by step how to on my jubilee nails.They are ok didn't have a steady hand today.I think I rushed them a bit.But it's really easy to do and I am sure I will do it again.

Step 1: Apply a clear coat over your nails.I was doing my vintage manicure as always so put my little stickers my nails were breaking so I cut them off again.

Step 2: Apply a pretty blue.I used one by china glaze.the sticker has come of the bottom so not sure what color it is.:(

When dry take the forms off if you used them.

Step 3: Take a white polish and paint a white cross on the nails.This is where I should have used a nail art brush.The cross is supposed to be wide but I think my nails are to short to use the regular brush.Which is what I used.The polish is by L.A.Colors in french white.And I must say it was a little gummy and made it to thick in spots.So in future I will use the nail art brush.

Step 4: Using a white nail art polish,paint a thin white line in the corners of the cross.I went into a panic after I did this.The fat cross and the thin lines looked like a big mess.I almost took it all

Step 5: Paint a thin red cross in the middle of the fat white cross.No laughing at my crooked used L.A.Colors art deco in red.

Step 6: Apply a thin red line on the white corner lines.make sure the are on the bottom.I looked at a flag to make sure I did it right.I don't want to be put in the

Final step apply top coat.And ta da.Hope everyone likes it.Even if some of my lines are jubilee everyone.

Love Yoli