Monday, June 4, 2012

Jubilee Nails

Hello everyone.Since I am not in England enjoying the Queens jubilee festivities,I did my nails.Here is a step by step how to on my jubilee nails.They are ok didn't have a steady hand today.I think I rushed them a bit.But it's really easy to do and I am sure I will do it again.

Step 1: Apply a clear coat over your nails.I was doing my vintage manicure as always so put my little stickers my nails were breaking so I cut them off again.

Step 2: Apply a pretty blue.I used one by china glaze.the sticker has come of the bottom so not sure what color it is.:(

When dry take the forms off if you used them.

Step 3: Take a white polish and paint a white cross on the nails.This is where I should have used a nail art brush.The cross is supposed to be wide but I think my nails are to short to use the regular brush.Which is what I used.The polish is by L.A.Colors in french white.And I must say it was a little gummy and made it to thick in spots.So in future I will use the nail art brush.

Step 4: Using a white nail art polish,paint a thin white line in the corners of the cross.I went into a panic after I did this.The fat cross and the thin lines looked like a big mess.I almost took it all

Step 5: Paint a thin red cross in the middle of the fat white cross.No laughing at my crooked used L.A.Colors art deco in red.

Step 6: Apply a thin red line on the white corner lines.make sure the are on the bottom.I looked at a flag to make sure I did it right.I don't want to be put in the

Final step apply top coat.And ta da.Hope everyone likes it.Even if some of my lines are jubilee everyone.

Love Yoli


  1. Darling,your nails are GLORIOUS!!!
    If I had semi-decent nails,a nd the aptience,I'd love to try that,but I'm just going to admire yours!

  2. That is SO smart to use the ring reinforcer stickers! So much cheaper to buy than actual french manicure stickers (which never really work for half-moon nails due to their lack of curve). Will try this for sure.

  3. Oh man, that looks FABULOUS! I am very tempted to try that myself! Sarah xxx

  4. Your nails look Spectacular!
    You did a very nice job!
    Happy Jubilee

  5. Those are so cool! Now that I know about Jubilee, I will totally do this next year hehe.

  6. Thank you ladies.I wish I could be in England right now.Maybe the queen will see them and like them.hee hee.I was watching this morning and when they started singing god save the queen I burst into tears.I really love England.Hope one day I get my way.

  7. Those are fantastic, what an inspired idea! I love how you're more patriotic than I am! x

  8. These are gorgeous!will do this next year.
    Perfect nails Yoli.