Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jubilee For Me

Got off work early yesterday so dragged hubby to target to look at new cameras.We went to Best Buy first and  I found the one I want there but I wanted to look at what target had.I found a camera there too but I plan on the one at Best Buy.Anyway I spotted straight away this lovely box set.I love it.

Inside were four DVD's.

The first DVD is about the start of the Windsor family up to the abdication of King Edward VIII.

The second DVD is about King George VI after his brothers abdication .Becoming King up to his death and Elizabeth becoming Queen.

The third DVD is about Elizabeth becoming queen and the preparation of her coronation.

The last DVD I haven't watched yet.I will keep you posted.I really enjoyed the first three.This set is one of many dvd's I have on the queen and other family members.I know more about England than I do America.
Hope everyone is having a good day.I have the day off and going to go to an antique car show and see some bands downtown.Time to get dolled up.

Love Yoli


  1. Well at least you found these vids to keep you happy.

  2. yes.they were really good.I like the box.O went to target for the casablanca anniversary set and came out with the