Friday, June 15, 2012

Meet Kitty Spice

Hello everyone.I would like to introduce our new baby to the family.My son Max found this poor baby kitty abandoned at the school across the street from our house.We tired to find a home for it but  no luck.This morning she was still on our porch and I fell for her squeeks and snuggles.I get payed this week so taking her to the vet to make sure she is ok and get her shots.Who ever dumped her is a big fat jerk and they broke her little tail as well.Makes me sick what people do to animals they can't take care of.She is a sweet kitty.she wants to be held al the time and she likes to climb my shirt and snuggle in my are some photos.My son named her Spice.

Her poor little tail.:(

sitting on my lap.

climbing up my

purring and pawing my made herself right at home and we are happy to have her.Have a nice weekend.

Love Yoli xx


  1. She's just beautiful, she reminds me of my Polly Piglet, she's got some Tortoiseshell in her by the looks of it which makes for a fussy and affectionate little moggie.
    How can people be so cruel? Thank goodness your boy rescued her and she's found a loving family. xxx

  2. Awwww the poor little thing! Her little tail probably needs cropping at the break :( It probably caused her a lot of pain too, the poor little thing! I want give her a big hug! Cute little angel! Take good care of her Yoli, she deserves someone as kind and caring as you to be her mummy! xxx

  3. She's precious and I love her name. I am glad you have her. She will surely have a happy life with you.

  4. She is so adorable. I love tortoise shell kitties. My cat was also a dumped cat. He's the cutest sweetest cat I've ever had.
    At my old job, people would dump cats on me on almost a weekly basis. They knew I would find them homes or keep them as barn cats. It wasn't fair to me or the cat. I'm glad she has a good home now.

  5. Awww Spice. That is such a cute cat name. What a jerk! I would save all the cats in the world if I wasnt allergic haha.

  6. Poor little Spice.
    Aww her little tail, she has the most beautiful eyes.
    Fucken idiots!
    I know you will give her a happy life. Does Jetta get along with her?

  7. Spice is settling in fine.Jetta isn't pleased and is ignoring to get them used to each other but the kitten growls and jetta starts seems very smart too.xx

  8. She is so beautiful. Poor little boo, it makes me furious that someone could be so cruel. I am glad she found her way to you and your family where she can have a loving forever home.

  9. Such a sweet little kitty! I'm glad you decided to keep her...she deserves a loving home:-)
    I hope the vet can fix her tail right up!
    I volunteer for a cat rescue in my town and it's so hard not to take every single kitty home with me.
    Tortoiseshell girls are the best...although sometimes they have a little of what they call "tortietude" haha!

  10. Qué dulce, adoro los gatos tengo dos Margarita y Agustín y ya son parte de mi familia, me gusta tu blog, te sigo ,besos ana.

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  12. Aww poor Spice! So cute and lucky to have been adopted by you. xx