Sunday, June 24, 2012

Things I Bought Lately

Hello everyone.Sorry about my neglected blog.Work work work as always.So since I have no camera I have been using my hubby's for now.He leaves back to England wednsday and I am not looking forward to it.We have been out shopping here and there when I am actually off so thought I better snap some pics to share before I have no camera at

I work in an outlet store .It's kind of like Matalan in the UK.Spotted this cute dress on the rack while straightening the store and said's a cute 50's style dress.zips on the side size 8 not sure what that is in UK sizes.I wear small or size 2 and it runs small and fits perfect apart from the top as usual.But I can alter it.

It's nice and flowers with slight pleats.Just love the roses on it.

went to an antique store I spotted during bike week and got these patterns for $1.00 each.Love the skirt and cute shorts.

 Looks like a 70's pattern but I think I can pull off the 40's with the pants and jacket with the cute tie belt.

Cute sundress .

I think these would be to cute.

They had lots of vintage jewelry for cheap but I didn't have alot of cash on me so got these cute clip ons.

Went to my sisters in Charleston yesterday and we wanted to buy everything.These shoes were normally 21.99 I got them for 6.99.I just love them.

Love the cute little heels and the bow .

Hope everyone has had a good weekend.xx

Love Yoli


  1. Great buys, love the pattern for the playsuit/jumpsuit especially! Gorgeous. xxx

  2. I love those shoes! What a great find...they will never, ever go out of style :-)

  3. Eventually I will use my patterns and make those jump suits and skirts.I agree Dina those shoes will never go out of style.They will definatly be in an outfit post.

  4. Love the rose dress, when you wearing it?
    I never buy patterns cause i dont sew.
    Hope to see your sewing soon, get on it!
    In love your leopard shoes, what a steal.
    You should go back and buy more shoes.

  5. I love your dress and gorgeous leopard shoes! I too love patterns but only for eye candy-I can't sew anything like that but I like the idea of it-lol. Eileen xx