Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Slice Of Kittie Spice

Hello all.Thought I would show you guys how Kittie Spice is doing.I took her to the vet after we decided to keep her and they did her feline leukemia and hiv tests.All negative.Yay.then they said her tail definatley needed to be cropped and also she was infested with fleas and ear mites.Poor baby.Since she was to young for flea treatments I had to use rubbing alcohol and a white comb they gave me and comb through to get the fleas.It was so gross and very difficult with her fuzzy hair.They kept her over night for surgery to crop her tail.The nest day I picked her up and they gave me her anti biotics for her tail and ear mite medicine.She had to stay in quarentine in the cat carrier at home cuz of the fleas and also to keep her tail from getting dirty.after about two weeks I took her back to get her stitches out where after removing them they put the silly cone on her head to keep her from messing with her tail till it was completely healed.I think it was useless cuz she has never even noticed her tail even missing.she still plays and acts like a crazy a week and a hlaf ago they took the silly cone off and gave her all her shots and her flea treatment.and she is one happy crazy kittie.and she is getting so big.waaaah.I take her back in about 2 weeks and get her last boosters and one more flea treatment.I love kittie spice.Here are some photos of before and after.

Poor Kittie Spice teeny tiny hungry,full of fleas,and had a broken tail.

After the stitches came out.Modeling her lovely

Her little nub

Getting ready to punce.

clawing her way to the

attacking her

Max loves her.

flat don't know what she was doing.

Kittie Spice and her giant

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.xx

Love Yoli

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tropical Princess

Today I felt like being a tropical princess.Finally wearing this cute outfit my hubby got me.I did fushia color in my hair.No more blue purple.I love the magenta and the fushia together.It is so hot down here.I will make me some hawaiian martini's and have Dora come over with her banana and strawberry cute ness with her ukelela and have a drunken sing song.Better yet everyone come to my house for a tropical party.Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Happy Frock Friday.Look even jetta wanted in on it.Lol.

Moved into the shade cuz the sun was making me squinty.

Close up.why does my hair go perfect when I have no wear to go?lol

Did my rolls to shape into a heart.

my these at TJ Maxx.Comfy too.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In My Heyday

Hi everyone.Here are some photos of me in my new high waisted trousers from Heyday.I have had them a month and this is the first time wearing them.They are very comfy and I love the material.They feel like a trousers should feel.I love my high waisted pants but sometimes the material and be to stretchy and they end up shrinking and not fitting me.I ordered a size 10 cuz that is what size my red ones are even though they aren't from heyday.I am thinking I should have gotten an 8 cuz they are kind of baggy in the crotch.Ugggh sometimes I really hate my figure.My mom took the photos for me so sorry for the blur.sun is very bright out so I did plenty of have a nice if you have been interested in Heydays clothing I highly recommend them.they are very well made and I can't wait to get more.And she sent me a lovely little note in the package and the shipping to the US was very quick.Here is their link so you can order your favorites.

My hairstyle today.Party in the

 What the back looks like.

My little black wedgies.

Hope everyone has had a nice day.xx

Love Yoli

Monday, July 16, 2012

For The Land Girls

Been watching The Land Girls and loved this one girls hairstyle so I thought I would do a recreation of it.I left it messy looking because I doubt thier hair was perfect while they worked so hard.To me this style was a night befores do and she just put it up the next morning before her day began.So here are some pics my mom took with her camera of my land girl self doing you enjoy it.Please click the links to view my how to tutorial.

Here is the link to part one.My moms camera died in the middle so had to do the video in two parts.

To watch part two click the link below

Have a good

Saturday, July 7, 2012

What I Have Been Doing

Sorry for neglecting my blog everyone.No camera for photos and working like a dog since hubby left.Also been taking care of kittie spice.She had her poor little tail docked and they took the stitches out the other day.She now has to wear the ugly cone around her neck till her tail is healed.So hopefully wed she will get that thing off.She bumps into things and makes a mess when she tries to eat.But she is so sweet and loves cuddles.I will try to post some photos soon.I will have to borrow my moms camera till I get one.Even my youtube channel has been's been hot here in the dirty south.about 90's or higher and the heat index making it 109.disgusting.I nag my husband every day on the phone to move me to england.I know I shouldn't be bitching but i hate hot air and the sun hurts my it was 60 or 70 all year i would be happy.Hope everyone is having a nice summer.I also have some goodies I need to post about that I got from ELF.I haven't done much shopping for antiques or anything since trying to save for immigration paperwork.I have warned my hubby if things aren't sent off before oct.He is moving me to England.This is the worst seperation we have had,anyway enough no music plays anymore looks like they decided on somerthing different with the music player so I deleted it.Such a shame I always like putting new songs on it.Will have to find another site that does them.See you all soon.xx

Love Yoli.xxxx