Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Slice Of Kittie Spice

Hello all.Thought I would show you guys how Kittie Spice is doing.I took her to the vet after we decided to keep her and they did her feline leukemia and hiv tests.All negative.Yay.then they said her tail definatley needed to be cropped and also she was infested with fleas and ear mites.Poor baby.Since she was to young for flea treatments I had to use rubbing alcohol and a white comb they gave me and comb through to get the fleas.It was so gross and very difficult with her fuzzy hair.They kept her over night for surgery to crop her tail.The nest day I picked her up and they gave me her anti biotics for her tail and ear mite medicine.She had to stay in quarentine in the cat carrier at home cuz of the fleas and also to keep her tail from getting dirty.after about two weeks I took her back to get her stitches out where after removing them they put the silly cone on her head to keep her from messing with her tail till it was completely healed.I think it was useless cuz she has never even noticed her tail even missing.she still plays and acts like a crazy a week and a hlaf ago they took the silly cone off and gave her all her shots and her flea treatment.and she is one happy crazy kittie.and she is getting so big.waaaah.I take her back in about 2 weeks and get her last boosters and one more flea treatment.I love kittie spice.Here are some photos of before and after.

Poor Kittie Spice teeny tiny hungry,full of fleas,and had a broken tail.

After the stitches came out.Modeling her lovely

Her little nub

Getting ready to punce.

clawing her way to the

attacking her

Max loves her.

flat don't know what she was doing.

Kittie Spice and her giant

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.xx

Love Yoli


  1. She and her Mummy are absolutely adorable! What a kind and wonderful person you are to give her such a loving home. xxx

  2. I'm so glad that she is doing better. I love nubby tails. I'd love to get a Manx cat soon. We have the same wand for our Ridley. He loved it. Loved it until he chewed the jingle bell out and swallowed it. Luckily he threw it up and he didn't get sick.

  3. O,the wee sweetheart!!! Thank goodness she has you to look after her!She's fallen right on her feet in the best place!
    I adore cats,can't live without them!I ahve one snuggled at my feet right this minute!

  4. Your so sweet Yoli, kitty Spice is so lucky to have a Mama like you.
    Awww look she is chubby now and happy.
    Love your magenta cock hair!

  5. She is one happy kittie and she is growing so fast.and she loves to run by the dogs and give them a

  6. Awww poor kitty spice but she has a good mother! She will be ok. Love your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to put more exclamation points but I dont want to be annoying hehe.

  7. Kitty Spice looks like she is doing so well! *YAY* She's Super cute!